3 Hotels you should check out at Universal Studios Osaka, Japan

Anyone going on a trip to Osaka anytime soon? If you’re planning to visit Universal Studios Japan, here are 3 hotels you can check out! These are all situated within the vicinity so you can have easier access and enjoy the park!

Keihan Universal Tower Hotel

Farrah and I stayed the Keihan Universal Tower Hotel which is the largest official hotel in Universal Studios Japan! Among the three, this is the most budget friendly hotel. The staff and front desk personnel are very polite and helpful, rooms are comfortable and very clean! You can also fullfill your Disney princess dreams at the lobby — I mean, look at that staircase and massive cake display!

It’s also a very short walk to the main park entrance and the hotel is surrounded by food establishments and shops.

Hotel Keihan Universal City

Keihan hotel on the other hand has a Hollywood art deco concept.I wasn’t able to take photos in the hotel since we arrived really late but I’m so glad we were able to dine at their famous World World Buffet. 

Food was great! Oh and PS: when in Japan, drink all the melon soda!

Hotel Kintetsu 

If you have kids (or are children at heart), I definitely recommend this hotel! They have Sesame street themed rooms that everyone will surely enjoy. Their rates are quite beyond the regular hotels, but if you have the budget to spend– why not? These themed rooms are priced higher but they do have regular rooms too! 🙂

They even have these cute freebies for the kids!

Didn’t let the opportunity to take a photo pass me by, lol!

Hidden surprise when you close the lights!

Here’s the Woody Wood Pecker themed room!

Here’s one of their regular rooms — this particular room also quite pricey since the view is spectacular! You can see the entire park from your window!

Dropped by the e-poch casual restaurant and turns out they were having a Kewpie collaboration. Farrah looks like Kewpie, do you guys agree?

Another great feature of this hotel is that it has a USJ shop connected to it where you can buy all these goodies!

With our new favourite Sesame Street character, Moppy! TOO CUTE!

Minions, minions, and more minions!


I was so tempted to get these for myself (then I remembered my age, lol)

Easter egg hunt event at the lobby! Lol @ Farrah’s bunny face.

Hope you enjoyed this post! 🙂 For any bookings or inquiries, you may contact JTB Philippines ~

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