If there’s one thing I have learned about life / relationships is that not everyone you meet is meant to stay. Not everyone who smiles at you will be your friend. Not everyone who opens the door for you cares. People, as in all things will come and go. Sure, you may have spent x number of weeks/months/years together — probably in school or in the office. However, spending a lot of time together does not necessarily equate to “being together forever” — think quality vs quantity. When someone who used to be very close to you suddenly chooses to leave you –keep the lesson, keep the memories and move on with your life better and stronger.

How great it would be if we get to keep everyone in our lives, right?  — NO. It is better to have a few deep, substantial relationships over an abundance of shallow relationships.

Think of it as holding coins in your hands. You have new & shiny ones, some rusty ones, ones that are of higher value than the rest. Initially, you want to hold onto everything (greedy!) but as it builds up, it becomes heavier and suddenly it’s a burden. The more you try to hold onto it, the harder it becomes to maintain. The ones of higher value may spill out; and you may never get them back.

I think it is human nature that we (sometimes unknowingly) cling onto people — “no man is an island” after all. This is why we try so hard to please others — because we want, or WE THINK we want them to stay in our lives.

Truth is, we only need a handful of REAL people in our lives. Real people who genuinely care. Real people who are never too busy for you. Giving your best effort to someone does not automatically mean they will reciprocate it. Most of the time, it is because we expect so much from others that we get hurt in the end. We get mad at them but whose fault is it, really?

If you ever find yourself thinking– ” is this person really my friend?” chances are, he/she might be not. A piece of advice? — don’t get emotionally swayed and attached too easily. Learn how to control your feelings and be smart enough to know when it’s time to cut off ties. Self worth is not determined by the number of friends/colleagues/exes you have.

Okay, that’s all bye (lol)

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