I recently asked my followers on Facebook / Instagram /Twitter if they would like to see some gadget reviews on my blog and a number of them said yes (!) so here it is!
PS: I am no expert on gadgets but I do love them since they make my life simpler & easier. Plus, I have a lot of “I’m alone don’t talk to me” sessions with…myself (lol) so it keeps me entertained and focused.

Blueant and Function Posting-3

Matte Pink iPhone6 case from INCIPIO — I like how it’s not super bulky but provides great protection (rubbery material). I’ve been dropping my iPhone ever since I switched to 6 maybe because I have small hands (I used to have an iPhone4S) — so protective cases for my iPhone are indispensable.

Digital Walker Bluetooth Mini Speakers — I use this whenever I’m super lazy to work at my workstation/desk! Great for watching movies or just listening to music. The sound quality is quite nice despite it being very small. Really convenient if you have a presentation and don’t want to bring your big speakers.

 I’m a huge, huge fan of on-ear headphones ; you know those really big ones when you can’t really tell what’s happening around you when you’re using it? (anti-social tendencies, oops) but it’s quite a burden to bring outside. The only earphones I own are those that came with my iPhone and happyplugs, which I think are just similar to the apple earphones (IMO).

Here we have the BlueAnt Pump Mini Wireless HD Audio Sportbuds — this is my very first wireless earphone so I was quite excited to try it! Although i don’t really do sports (or exercise), I can just imagine the hassle of getting distracted by the all the wires getting in your way while you’re doing your thing.

I do listen to music all the time mostly in the car, when I’m alone in a café, or in the office. I won’t go into detail about the specs since I’m far from being an expert in this department but what I can tell you is I can hear Taylor Swifts voice very, very clearly with this (HAHA). It’s also easier to lug around since the wire is significantly shorter than my regular earphones — also, no more tangles!

Inside the box, there are 3 different sizes of the SuperFit Stabilizers to make sure it fits perfectly on you! I feel like the sound quality is better since it doesn’t move around and fall-off randomly unlike the regular ones. I still prefer using my headphones while I’m in the office though because I’m the type of person who can’t concentrate well when I hear the ‘outside world’ while I’m working. This one for me, is very good for exercise (because it’s sweat proof!), gaming, alone time, and even talking on mobile/skype! The buttons are easily accessed on the flat wire and the charging time isn’t long (1hr – 1hr 30min full charge). Battery life will last for 6hours at most until you need to charge it again.

Price : Php 4,750

Powerbanks are the bomb; but powerbanks with a case where you can keep your on-the-go essentials gives me life! Say hello to Function 101’s Batt Pak. Included is a super sleek and slim 3000mah (2 full charges for iPhone 6), micro-USB cord for charging, and a functional pouch with a carabiner (for those always on the go / travellers).

Blueant and Function Posting-18

Another feature of the power bank is the LED flashlight. The pouch is made of high quality nylon and is very durable — it contains 2 outer pockets and 1 inner pocket. I can fit my Blueant Earphones + USB cord + microUSB cord + Powerbank inside. You can also put other important stuff like your license/cash on the outer back pocket (which I don’t really recommend unless you’re a super careful person).

I bring this with me on days where I know I won’t be out for too long because all my other power banks are a bit on the heavy side. On days where I have a lot of activities I bring either my 6000 mah or 12000 mah power bank.

Price : Php 2,350


All items are available in any Digital Walker & Beyond The Box branches.
For more details, visit Digits Trading

Did you like this review? Please let me know what you think or if you have any gadget/accessory suggestions! 🙂

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