Guess who got new contacts last week *u* hee~ Much thanks to Kathleen of for the great lenses 🙂 You are too sweet <3


Geo Angel Series (again!) but got the color gray this time 😉 Made a review on the brown one a few months ago <3 Lovely pattern is just LOVELY.


This is very natural looking; perfect for everyday use. It’s 14.00mm diameter makes your eyes look slightly bigger (case-to-case basis depending on how spacious your eyes are; on my case it makes my pupils go from ._. to o_o ) Nothing too eye-catching but will definitely add sparkle in your eyes *u* It’s translucence allows your natural eye color to blend in with the lenses giving it a more ‘natural’ / my eyes are naturally pretty look 😀

As for comfort, it is totally wearable even for long hours. It doesn’t dry up fast, ergo –no need to keep on using your eye drops *o* Easy to put on; easy to remove 😀

So far my favorite series from GEO 🙂

~Hope this helped! 😀 If you want to try it out you can buy from Kathleen by visiting her multiply site

* *



Photos|Make-up|Styling by : Tricia Gosingtian

Big thanks to Belleyork * * for the cropped floral top 🙂

PS: Sorry about the links~ hyperlink button doesn’t seem to work ._. /chews on modem cable HUU

<3 Crissey

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