Angel KISS : Lip and Cheek • Review

Visited Etude House earlier today! <3 Wasn’t really planning on buying anything but this caught my attention while I was looking around *u* Cutie patootie packaging is CUTIE PATOOTIE! *o*  I couldn’t resist the packaging with wings! D: /cry

It comes in 3 colors~ I was supposed to get the pink one but then I realized I already have a Fresh Cherry Tint in pink (very similar shade of pink). So, I got the lighter peachy one instead! :3

I got it for Php 348 ~ not bad, not bad. It’s more pigmented than the Fresh Cherry Tint; ergo, just a small amount will do. It’s harder to blend though since the fresh cherry tint’s texture is watery (like lip gloss) and this is like… 75%  lip balm + 15 % lipstick texture (dryer) … you get what I mean, right? However, you’ll get longer staying power unlike the fresh cherry tint.

The good thing with this is that you can leave it longer on your skin and it won’t leave a pink patch mark that easily unlike the liquid tints. Left it for about 2 minutes before blending (2nd pic) because my camera won’t focus LOL /fail.

So anyway, I think I prefer this as a cheek tint and the Fresh Cherry tint as a lip tint. Just because it’s more pigmented. OH and also, it’s a BIT sticky at first; but it’ll go away after a few minutes or so. I don’t like the smell though :/ I was expecting cherry or…strawberry; but it’s erm… citrusy O_o Oh well /not that bothered by the smell anyway.

hoho~ hope that helped! Go buy now pliz *3*

On another note: Bought some other Etude house products (bankrupt) / will make a review soon :3

<3 Crissey

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