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I shamelessly asked these kawaii girls if I can take their photo and they happily obliged, hehe. No guts, no glory!

Finally! I can post another series of travel entries 🙂 I hope you enjoy browsing through the photos I took during my most recent trip to Tokyo!

Since I’ve already posted about Asakusa / Senso-ji Temple before, this entry won’t be as in-depth — more like, photo vomit ! If you want to read all about the area, please check out my previous post — Asakusa \ Senso-ji Temple • June 2015

Asakusa 2016 posting-3

Took this photo on the way to our Airbnb ApartmentSince I was travelling with a group of friends, we decided to try Airbnb for the first time! Quite an experience I must say. I missed all the perks/facilities that hotels have but at the same time, I love the feeling of “going home” every night. It felt like we were actually residents 🙂 Has anyone tried Airbnb? How was your experience?

It was super cold when we arrived! Tip if you’re not a fan of the cold weather? Don’t visit during winter (January–February). But then again, you can always wear heattech and buy some hot packs (life saver!). I might do a separate entry about some travel tips and essentials soon! Crossing my fingers that I won’t be super busy with…life.

Asakusa 2016 posting-4

Vintage cameras always catch my attention.

Train system in Japan is super complicated but it’s always more fun if you have friends … to get lost with, lol! My friend Riz bought my old Fujifilm XQ1 camera! I kinda miss it but I don’t regret buying the Fujifilm XT10 since the quality of photos produced is evidently better!

Asakusa 2016 posting-6

I gave up wearing gloves after the first day. Hot packs — humankinds greatest creation for winter.

Asakusa 2016 posting-39

I can’t over my fascination with hot packs! I have one in each pocket here 😀

Asakusa 2016 posting-17

Obligatory bicycle photo 🙂

Asakusa 2016 posting-26

Look at that intricate hairstyle!

Taiyaki たい焼き are small Japanese cakes which you should definitely try! It comes in various flavours like, red bean and matcha!

Asakusa 2016 posting-38

Cleansing outside the temple

Cute dog in winter fashion — how cute is that?

Asakusa 2016 posting-36

My favorite photo spot in Asakusa! By the way, there are rickshaw services right outside the entrance of the temple. You can ride it all around the area at a reasonable cost (plus, some of the rickshaw drivers are cute, HEHE).

Cute plushies and kimono fashion for dogs!

Asakusa 2016 posting-34

Belated happy year of the monkey!

Asakusa 2016 posting-32

Stalker mode — ON! I think I saw some kimono rentals in the area. That’s next on my bucket list.

Can’t wait to post more photos 🙂  So, anyone going to Japan anytime soon?


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