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I think we can all agree that everyone wants to smell fresh and clean all day — yes? Do you agree that we tend to match our scent with our current mood/occasion. Plus, I also noticed that scents affect our mood and confidence!

I, for example, am more drawn and inclined to select a fragrance with a mild  scent for everyday use; a.k.a — ‘I smell naturally nice’. I want to smell nice but at the same time, I do not want to draw too much attention as to how I smell especially if there is no special occasion. I have a few perfumes that fall into this category but sometimes I want to skip wearing perfume; (1) Because let’s admit it, perfume is expensive so we have to use it frugally (2) For daily use, I want something that leaves a trail of just the right amount of fun and fresh!

Belo Baby Cologne line does not disappoint! Plus points because it’s clinically proven to be gentle and less irritating even for the most delicate skin. Apart from it being hypoallergenic, it also contains glycerin which provides moisture for the skin and a chamomile-derived ingredient that soothes skin. This product has ZERO parabens, phthalates, and colouring agents!

Baby Belo-4
(1) Happy Tickle which smells fun, exciting, and fruity!
(2) Sweet Snuggle smells like flowers which leaves a very dainty and sweet scent.
(3) Cool Drizzle which is my personal favourite smells like a breath of fresh air! A+ for Belo Baby for perfectly achieving the classic ‘baby cologne’ scent on this one.

Happy that I’m part of the #BeloBaby #Scentsational Squad! Come join us and let’s get those ‘ohh, you smell so nice!‘ compliments rolling in. Don’t forget to pass on the confidence and positivity to your friends so you can feel good and smell fresh all day!

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