Candy Doll Mineral Powder • Review

Who here has oily skin? *raises hand*

Well then, I think I just found a great loose powder with amazing oil-control powah! *u* It’s also from Japanichi’s Mulitply Store 🙂 And it’s the same brand (Candy Doll) as the liquid eyeliner ( Dolly Wink Eyeliner ) I posted a few days back.

Because Tricia and I have been seeing this product on famous Japanese magazines like Popteen, Vivi, etc + it’s quite popular and being raved about by several beauty bloggers, I totes spazzed when the seller told me it’s available! *o* Got it for Php1,250 in case you’re interested.

Packaging is super cute as expected /so biased pliz.

RANDOM: Can I just share that I’m writing this entry for the second time because I accidentally clicked on the refresh button a while ago 🙁 /end of random moment

Anyway, the finely milled powder is very light on my skin. Not cake’y at all 🙂 Also, it is unscented – lovesit. Don’t worry about it leaving your face too white ~ it’s completely translucent ! You won’t look like a ghost! 😀 HAHA … but don’t apply too much :/

Anyhoo, because it is very translucent, I would suggest you use foundation/BB Cream/whatever upon application if you need extra coverage. This product does not have coverage/very light coverage but it does leave your skin very smooth after it is applied; it has a matte finish so if you’re a fan of shimmery powder this is not for you (Although Tsubasa Masukawa released a limited edition with shimmer – but I didn’t see it on Japanichi’s site :c ).

However, if you have fairly nice skin to begin with then I think you can use this alone 😀 Remember, it is always best not to use too much make up la~ bad for skin la~ skin cannot breath la~ hihihi /gets slapped.

Moving on.

Here’s a snapshot of myself ~ 8D I had the product on for at least 4-5 hours before taking this picture. I also walked under the sun for quite a few minutes 😀 /PS: I promise I did not in any way edit this image to eliminate the shine LOL

Tadaaa~! No shine ! *o* Just a tad bit on my T-zone area /covered by bangs LOL /gets shot /shaves bangs off.

So there! I am IN LOVE with this loose powder 😀 It has great oil control ~ just what I’ve been looking for! *u*  I think people with dry skin can still use it though~ I mean, the texture if super fine so I don’t think it’ll cause a problem ._. just saying 😛

Hope that helped! 😀

I want the shimmery one though~ for that dewy fresh look ._. /hunts

<3 Crissey

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