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    Zig Kuretake | Bimoji Test + Review

    As promised, here’s an entry related to art and illustration! 🙂 I’ve been on the longest art block; hence the absence of artworks on my Instagram 🙁 Hoping to be able to…



    Finally got a Playstation Vita (Light pink/ White version) ~! You can add me up on PSN : username – TinySi_8 Nintendo and Playstation refuses to let me use ‘Crissey’ for…

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    New Drawing materials

    Posting because I am so happy with my new materials from Zig [@zigphilippines on IG] & Stabilo [@stabiloph on IG] Philippines~!  Check out the new look of their highlighters!  Stabilo point88 fine0.4…

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    Illustration for Shadz Online Shop 🙂 Cannot wait for their website!  OT: I wanna have this printed out on an iPhone case heehee Artwork © Crissey Si • 2014Please do not…

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    Giotto Turbo Markers | Review

    First of all, a huge thank you to Leo d’V Art Learning Center for sending me these Giotto Markers 🙂 I thank you from the bottom of my artist heart. They…

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    Germ Shock

    If you follow me on Twitter…you might already be aware that I just accidentally spilled my super yummy Malteasers all over the flloor … So… have you ever wondered why we’re…

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