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  • Japan JTB TRAVEL

    Universal Studios Japan Highlights

    This was my third time in Universal Studios Japan but it’s still as exciting as my first — I love how USJ constantly adds/features new park attractions so every visit is…

  • Japan TRAVEL

    Gold leaf Sakuda

    If you’re looking for a unique, fun, and artsy experience in Kanazawa, definitely drop by the Sakuda gold & silver leaf store! “Sakuda is located in the Higashichaya-gai district of Kanazawa and…

  • Japan TRAVEL

    Yamato Sample • Ikebukuro • Japan

    Yes! I made this; so cute and so easy! Got to visit this place in Ikebukuro called Yamato Sample where we were taught the basics of food replica making — [address: 東京都豊島区上池袋4-21-12] Went crazy…

  • Japan TRAVEL

    Oshino Ninja Village | Japan 2016

    The ride to the Oshino Ninja Village was fascinating! Since it’s located near Mt. Fuji, you can enjoy the spectacular view and clear waters surrounding the area. “Focus on soba and tofu which…

  • Japan TRAVEL

    Robot Restaurant | Shinjuku, Tokyo 2016

    When I was told that we were going to the Robot Restaurant my initial reaction was — “What? We’re eating at a restaurant with…robots?”. If you’re curious as to what’s inside the…

  • Japan Tokyo TRAVEL

    Day 1 | Japan 2016

    Hey, guys! Guess who’s back with another series of Japan travel entries! 😀 Anyway, here are some ‘Day 1 photos’ before I start posting about the places I visited during my…

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