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Imagine my delight when I got an email from Changi Recommends to try out their wifi router. Luck hit me hard as I have already booked a flight to Singapore months prior. It’s nice to be disconnected from the online world once in a while, but it’s really hard when you’re in a foreign land.

From my experience, having no internet connectivity means getting a bit lost in the streets / mrt stations, can’t even check for weather updates, can’t update social media platforms thus having to spam everyone once I’m in the hotel, being too afraid to meet up with friends cause I might get lost and won’t be able to contact them — and so on.

Having data plan means my wallet will be suffering once I get my phone bill.

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Rate and Usage Limit per day actually depends per country but in Singapore, it’s SGD10 per day which is roughly P350+/- which for me, is reasonable given the long battery life (around 6 hours continued use) and high speed connectivity. I never ran out of battery cause I turned it off whenever I feel like I don’t need it. Also, you can just

put it inside your bag + connect multiple devices without compromising the connectivity / speed.

It’s really easy to rent a device online. Just fill in all necessary details and collect the device at the Airport Terminal you have selected during the online booking process. One piece of advice though is definitely ask the person in the kiosk if it’s for international or local device rental. Also, have your booking reference / number confirmation printed out.

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Can you feel my excitement radiating from your screens?! Wifi gives me life! You can also share it with your friends/family since it allows up to 8 connections per device!

Returning the device is easier and faster since you can return it at any of the kiosks. Booths are located mainly in arrival halls, except T2 with two booths (one in departure and one in arrival). One booth is also located in T1 transit area.

* For Local Wifi routers — it can only be returned at Arrival Hall Booths

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Operation is 24/7.

Simple and straightforward.

Instructions available in different languages but it’s actually very easy to use. Make sure it has battery (charge it if it doesn’t using the cable/charger included) — turn on device — username and password is on a sticker at the back of the device — connect your devices — done!

If you’re visiting Singapore soon and you’re interested — here’s a special treat! Use my code and get 1SGD off the daily rate 🙂

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If you were unable to book online, they also provide wifi rental at the booth on the day itself. However, this is provided at a first come first serve basis. If you’re using my code — please keep in mind that you can only use it via ONLINE BOOKING.

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I can update my social media platforms while drinking tea / coffee <3

Found out about this Hello Kitty Exhibit while I was in Suntec City as well! Thank you wifi router!!!

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This cool place called Scape right beside our hotel. Got curious when I saw it on the maps while I was walking to Takashimaya! 🙂

Got to meet up with my Singaporean friends without any problem! Reunited with Kiyora after 8 months and Christelle after 2 years! Sent updates to each other via Whatsapp and Messenger about the time and venue — I didn’t have to stay in the hotel or leech of some strangers wifi — I WAS SUPER HAPPY!!!

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I’ve been to Singapore quite a few times so for this trip, I just ate. and ate. and ate. Maybe next time I can visit the new touristy places like the Trick Eye Museum (?) — has anyone been there?

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Also found my dream pair from New Balance! I googled the image and showed it to the SA. Luckily, they had it — last pair! Oh, the things you can do with wifi :))))

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Took this photo inside the NAIA Airport Lounge. Didn’t have the dilemma of constantly having to check the flight status boards/announcements outside anymore since Changi Recommends also recently launched Flight Watch which is a complimentary service that provides real time updates for flights departing and arriving into Singapore Changi Airport. My flight was actually delayed [ 30 min at first ] and extended to an hour so I got to test this service!

Before anything else, you have to sign up via their website. It’ll only take up around 5 minutes max of your time. 5 minutes in exchange for convenience ? Why not!

After registering, you’ll get real time sms and push notifications from the app regarding the status of your flight! Easy, as 1 2 3!

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Overall a great product experience for me! Will definitely avail of this service in the future 🙂 Don’t forget to use my promo code – Crissey9 – if you’re visiting Singapore soon! Remember, it’s only valid until October 31, 2016 and only applicable when you book online —

For more information, please visit their website at
You can also follow them on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook


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