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I’m so grateful to my Japanese friends / friends in Japan because they really take the time to meet up with me despite their busy schedules! If it weren’t for my friend, Kitade-san, I didn’t even know such a district [Daikanyama] existed in Tokyo, Japan! It’s just a station away from Shibuya.

According to him, Daikanyama is where you can find the latest fashion plus it’s home to some high-class residential locations. This will be a very short entry as we basically just walked around the area and had some tea afterwards — I had to be back at Ginza at a certain time to meet up with my other friends.

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Side note: It was also my first time to ride the train alone (from Hikifune to Ginza) — didn’t get lost! Achievement unlocked! Relied heavily on pocket wifi and the magnificent Japanese apps to get around. Thank you for not failing me!

Stylish clothing all over! Didn’t enter the shops anymore as we were pressed for time (also, it won’t fit in my luggage anymore, lol). Hoping I can shop here on my next trip to Tokyo — soon? please? /fingers crossed.

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Minimal Kawaii

The atmosphere in this district is very relaxed and posh. There are unique and tasteful cafés in almost every corner — very different from our cafés in Manila which are so crowded most of the time. Wish we had more cafés here where I can have my ‘quiet/alone time’.

I’ve been going out and treating myself to coffee a lot these days; you’ll actually notice people looking with the “why are you alone” face — it’s not a crime to be alone. It’s actually quite enjoyable, IMO.

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Kitade-san and I had coffee/tea inside the Tsutaya — which is a “very large, impressively well-stocked book and music store serves as the anchor for the upscale Daikanyama T-Site shopping complex. The centerpiece of the shop is a luxuriously appointed lounge-bar area on the second floor where patrons can browse through books and magazines or just relax; the bar is open until 2am.”

The concept of this place is very unique — there are individually curated specialty departments such as literature, music, films, travel, etc. Each department has it’s own unique design concept plus an area where you can browse through heaps of materials related to each department.

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Of course, I am ending this entry with yet another photo of sakuras! Always so happy whenever I see these flowers in full bloom.

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