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Day 1 | Japan 2016

Hey, guys! Guess who’s back with another series of Japan travel entries! 😀

Anyway, here are some ‘Day 1 photos’ before I start posting about the places I visited during my most recent trip.

Special thanks to JTB Philippines and JAL | Japan Airlines for making this happen 🙂 It was actually my first time to fly with JAL; can I just say, it’s probably the most PUNCTUAL airline! No delays and  we were even asked to board earlier on our way to Tokyo. Staff was very accommodating and pleasant. Best thing is that they even offer free internet/wifi on-board for 15 minutes! 

Luckily, Narita airport wasn’t crowded that day.

Always on the look out for kawaii schoolgirls! Love how they are still fashionable even while wearing uniforms.

First stop was a giant Uniqlo store! I took a quick peek inside since I had everything I needed for the cold weather — kairo/heat packs and heat tech will save you guys!

Of course, my day won’t be complete without a proper OOTD shot 😉

Saw some cute corgi butts on our way to the hotel.

After checking in, we then proceeded to this popular shabu-shabu place called Nabezo Restaurant.

Took some nice OOTD and portrait shots first because we know our priorities 😉

With the JTB girls <3

My Tokyo and ‘Kunwari from Tokyo’ friends love me so much they even went to the restaurant so we can see each other /happy tears. Love you, Val, Irene, Den, and Bea! <3

Team Adidas!

So that’s it for Day 1! Can you spot Godzilla in this picture?!


Hope you enjoyed this short post! So excited for the next ones, hehe!

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