Enjoy Japan with Tricia Gosingtian

It’s been a while since I last attended an event but I couldn’t resist last week’s Enjoy Japan with Tricia Gosingtian event held at R Space, Makati because; (1) Tricia my rabu-rabu (2) Grand raffle prize = Trip to Japan –IKR (3) JAPAN! Favorite country next to the Philippines, huhu.

enjoyjapanph hi-res-36

My raffle entry ticket – no prize for me though!

enjoyjapanph hi-res-2

My #ootd, hehe. Looks as if Stabilo highlighters vomited on me. I love the lighting here. I look so much better in photos LOL :))

I’m so glad to have met some of my readers ib the event! Some even told me they’ve been following Tricia and I since Deviantart days (a.k.a Nene/no make up days) ~ waa! Thank you, thank you for saying hi and for all the love and support you’ve given us !

Tricia’s ‘self proclaimed’  #1 fan – aka, me + her ever so supportive boyfriend, RG.

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Super thankful to Riz, Jonnah, and David for accompanying me because I’m really uncomfortable going to events alone (elusive and awkward hermit crab). Hurrah for awesome buddies!

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The Tricia Gosingtian 150 Style Essentials for Every Girl which you should really, really purchase if you’re a fan of simple yet classy looks. This is my go-to-styleguide whenever I feel like I’m being boring and repetitive with what I’m wearing. If you live abroad, you can actually purchase an e-book version [here]

Matcha KitKat, Meiji chocolates, and other Japanese treats for snacks. A+ for this event! Affordable travel tours were also being offered in the H.I.S stall. It made me want to return to Japan so bad! Thank you multiple entry visa for existing.


My heart skipped a beat when I spotted the J-Style booth! My ultimate weakness (pens) + Rilakumma. My kokoro cannot take all the kawaii.


Thank you for spreading the kawaii in the Philippines! You can stalk err, add them on facebook [here]

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Diamond Beauty booth selling Japanese cosmetics (which are most of the time, SUPERB).


Denim Closet is a brand from Okayama where most Japanese jeans are made. Really high quality and wearable designs. [Like them on FB here]

So lucky to have met the owner, Singo Umano-san. Felt really bad that my I had to leave early cause I was really enjoying my little chat time with him. Plus, that denim kimono is the bomb.

The event started off with Tricia’s talk about her trips to Japan. I feel so lucky to have been part of her Osaka trip last year, hihi.

Tracy Dizon and her cutiepie son, Atreyu-chan. Tracy is the genius behind TIARA which is her line of quirky-kawaii hats and headpieces. Also bumped into these two pretty bloggers (L) Sarah Tirona and ® Ana Gonzales

enjoyjapanph hi-res-10

Before the fashion show, I was introduce to Yayoi Ebii-san, manager and Manucurist at Hide2A Hair Salon from Tokyo to Manila. Shamelessly asked if I could take a photo of her gorgeous nails, hehe. Check out their Facebook page for more details regarding their services. I’m excited to drop by! That gel nail art looks so tempting.


I was really psyched about the Ryuukou Look-Book by Japacolle mini fashion show wherein fashion stores Wanchechou, Lil nina, and Denim Closet fired the runway. Each coordinate came with kawaii wearables and Star Rich Wigs/ Extensions that are super trendy and wearable.

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First up on the runway was Yuri Nakagawa – spokesperson of Japacolle which is a campaign to try to bring Japanese culture to international fans.

Fashion show wouldn’t have been complete without THE Tricia Gosingtian /squee!!!

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Was super jealous of the lady who won the goodies from Singo-san, huhu. /grabby hands. They had a lot of mini-raffles in between the fashion show – they even gave away a signed photo/photobook of Takeru Satoh! Rurouni Kenshin feels. Sadly, I did not win anything, boo me.

Yuri-san looks good in any hairstyle!

enjoyjapanph hi-res-44

Had the chance to have a photo with Yuri-san before she went up to the stage. She is impossibly cute and nice in person! I am now a big fan. I hope she returns to the Philippines soon!

Yuka Gamiko – hair and make-up artist. So cute. Why are all Japanese women so cute? WHY?

Sarah Tirona being interviewed by Jeepney TV. They will be showcasing a variety of popular Japanese dramas and variety shows, which are dubbed inFilipino and aired with no commercial break.

Hopefully, they can bring in Japanese artists/actors/actresses in the future! ARASHI. PLEASE MAKE IT HAPPEN.


The moment we’ve all been waiting for!

Woop! Congratulations to this family who won a trip to Japan! I’m sure everyone was envious, haha. I think their baby, who is also named Tricia brought in goodluck! Enjoy your trip!!!

The event was such a success that it was featured in Japanese headlines! You can read the article [here]


Thank you for the goodies, EnjoyJapanPH ! 🙂 I should wear this pin next time I visit Japan, hehe. Hope you have more awesome events in the near future!

enjoyjapanph hi-res-47

Because I couldn’t get over the event, I had to draw Tricia and Yuri-san.

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