Etude House | Nymph Aura Volumer #1 Review

Obviously, I’ve been out hoarding Etude House products these past few days U_U /blames it on new Eastwood branch near my office.

Anyway, here’s a review on Etude House’s Aura Nymph Volumer. Sandara’s secret to dewy glowing skin…I HAVE FOUND IT!!! *_*


I got #1 which is the PURE Nymph Aura. It comes in another variant which is the BRILLIANT Nymph Aura. I initially wanted to purchase #2, but they didn’t have stocks :c Oh well! 😀


I’m so happy with the pump! It works perfectly unlike their BB Cream pumps ._. One pump is this much. It’s a peachy/pink color and turns transparent when rubbed onto skin. I admit I was a bit iffy to try this product because I have Combination Skin type~ I didn’t want my T-zone to look more oily than it already is~ However, the reason I wanted to purchase this product so much is because I have been OBSESSED with Sandara’s ‘dewy glowing’ skin in her CF (Skin Mal:gel) ! Check it out on youtube if you haven’t! It looks so healthy and radiant!

It’s supposed to be mixed with your BB Cream/Foundation in a 1:3 ratio (I mixed it with Etude House’s BB Cream just so…they match haha)


Good news is, it doesn’t make your foundation/BB Cream lighter/darker. Here’s a before and after shot:

LEFT: Bare Skin
RIGHT: With Nymph Aura Volumer + BB Cream + Eyeliner


I don’t know if you can see it clearly in the pictures but IT DOES WORK! 🙂 I realized there’s a very thin line between glowing skin and oily skin. However, if you are the oily type…I’m a bit worried that it’ll turn greasy after a few hours (I’m just assuming). From my experience, it did make my face feel a bit oily but when I looked in the mirror, it still had that healthy glow. I tried patting it with oil blotter film ~ Surprisingly, my face didn’t turn matte 😀 The Oiliness was gone but the glow is still there!

Sandara…I know your secret OuO

PS: Pls don’t put too much volumizer because the product in itself is a BIT sticky. Also, if you find it to shiny on your face you might want to apply a very thin/sheer layer of loose powder (I used Candy Doll) to minimize the “glow”.

I really like this product a lot 😀 Thumbs up!

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