Face and Body Sketch / Framework Process • Standing

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Sketchpad : RHODIA Uni-blank
Mechanical Pencil for Sketching : PILOT ENO 0.7 in blue


This is how I sketch my standard character a.k.a ‘I’m too lazy to think of a creative expression / pose’.


Framework Process • for posting-1

I always start with the face with these guidelines / framework. Always check the proportions before drawing in the details!

Framework Process • for posting-12

Cat smile shaped lips!

I draw the ends a bit longer for a winged eyeliner / false lashes look.

I always make the lower lashes stand out to give off a romantic / innocent  / moe look.

Lightly shaded eye corners for a subtle smokey eye-make look.

Framework Process • for posting-2

Straight brows for a more innocent look.

Framework Process • for posting-3

I always leave a mark to indicate where I will start drawing the hair.

From that point, I start by drawing big chunks of hair then gradually adding some thinner lines for depth.

Framework Process • for posting-8

Again, before getting into the details, make sure the body framework is proportionate to the head.

Framework Process • for posting-10

Circles represent the joints and lines represent the limbs.

Thigh gap /frustration in life. hehe, kidding.

Once you’re happy with the framework, start adding clothes, etc. It’s a lot easier to work now that you can see sort of what’s supposed to be underneath all that garment.

That’s it for now, hope you will find this useful! 🙂 If you have any suggestions / requests, feel free to leave a comment on my Disqus box below !

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