FLYTPACK Wifi Router — Reliable, Affordable, and Convenient

For those who love to travel and stay connected real-time, let’s all hold hands and celebrate! Finally– a reliable, affordable, and very convenient pocket wifi router– FLYTPACK ! I got to try it during my most recent trip to Japan last November and I’m so, so happy with their service!

Just a quick description:

Flytpack is your WiFi travel buddy that allows you to get connected abroad without outrageous roaming charges. It is simple to use and easy to carry around with you.
You can stay connected when you are traveling overseas.

Let me go into detail as to why I say it’s (1) Reliable, (2) Affordable, and (3) Convenient.


If you’re following me on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter, you might be well aware that my last trip to Japan involved being up in the snowy mountains of Tateyama.

Why I say it’s reliable is mostly based on the fact that YES– connection was still available even when I was up in the mountain albeit a bit slower than when I was in the city. My friend’s wifi service had no signal so she had to connect to mine /bragging rights, hehe. Signal was stable and connection was at high-speed throughout my trip except for one instance which leads me to my second reason why I say it’s reliable — On the second day, I couldn’t connect and there was no signal. I sent an email to their response team and the responded and immediately resolved the issue! Very polite and accommodating as well.



What good is a product/service if you can’t afford it, right? The reason why I don’t really rent pocket wifi’s before is that the ones offered in the airport are quite expensive! With Flytpack , they offer rates at an affordable and reasonable price! Not only that, they even have a CROSS-COUNTRY rate so you don’t have to rent a router per country!



Probably the best feature for me is that it’s very convenient! Sometimes, you’re just too busy (or lazy) to look for the wifi kiosks, fill-up forms, line up — and sometimes you’re even unsure about the availability of the units. Of course, you may also opt to register online but that doesn’t mean you won’t have to line up at the airport kiosks, right? If you’re with a tour group, it’ll be too much of a hassle and not to mention the delay you will cause everyone else just to claim your router.

With Flytpack you will have your router delivered (or you can pick-it up) BEFORE YOUR TRIP! Mine was delivered 3 days prior my flight! It doesn’t stop there because once you get back from your trip, they will even pick it up! Now do you believe me when I say it’s super convenient? No more long queues and looking for kiosks at the airport!

The website navigation is very easy and simple to use as well:


What’s inside?

(1) Pouch, (1) Unit with charging cable, (1) Brochure/Welcome package , (1) Receipt with terms and conditions, and (1) Universal Adaptor — literally everything you need is inside.

Another reason why it’s convenient? drumroll please — unit is lightweight and very slim. Plus points because it doubles as a powerbank!


Overall, highly recommended!Staying connected abroad has never been this easy!
Since it’s so in demand, I highly suggest you book online at least a week prior your scheduled trip. Although you may also call them for rush booking 🙂


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Contact Numbers:

Landline: +63 02 485 8341
Mobile: +63 926 018 2272
Viber : +63 926 018 2272


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