Say goodbye to stinky, greasy, and lifeless hair! Introducing the Philippine’s first ever dry shampoo in aerosole cans– Hair Fairy!
We’ve all had days where-in the smell and pollution from our surroundings manages to stick on to our hair, right? Or how about that time when you weren’t able to set your alarm and didn’t have enough time to wash your hair? Or maybe you have the same dilemma as I do whenever I have events I need to attend to after work.

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I work in Makati area and everyone knows how polluted the streets in Makati can get. I really, really hate the smell of smoke, food, sun – amoy araw. I’m not sure if it’s just me but my hair absorbs all these unpleasant scents quite fast and retains it for a long time.

Everyone wants to smell fresh and of course, our hair should always look in the very least, decent and greaseless. I actually have an aerosole can of dry shampoo inside my drawer [Dove]. It’s pretty awesome but (1) it comes in 1 size which is a lot bigger than I would have preferred (2) the scent is very strong. Overall, it does it’s job very well!

So what made me fall in love with Hair Fairy?

Size matters — this is so true especially if you’re always out and about! It’s a lot smaller than the dry shampoo’s available in the supermarket so I can easily just slip it in my day bag. I wish it was available in 25ml/50ml for those days when you’re sporting a smaller bag or travelling.

Smells fresh! — it’s like you just stepped out of the shower! It’s a mild mix of shampoo and powder scent.

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Affordable — Php 200 for a can of 100ml

Very Lightweight — Won’t weigh you down if you lug it around.

Packaging — Very cute and informative packaging — instructions and ingredients are seen on the back part.

Charity — Probably the best reason why you should try / purchase this product is because the company donates 5% of the total sales which will then be donated to the Pediatric Cancer Patients of NCH to support some of their medications/treatments.

Hope you found this entry useful! <3

Price : Pho 200 for 100ml
Where to buy : Bargain Studio on Instagram

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