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Let me take you to the museum inside the Karatsu castle.

Hikimaya Exhibition Center Posting-17

Entrance to the museum area.

Greeted by this very cute samurai dog (?) and a miniature structure of the Karatsu Castle. Unfortunately, the first floor and top floor are the only areas where you can take photos. Basically, there’s a wide array of historical items and back stories; showing us a glimpse on how the samurai lived during the edo period.

Hikimaya Exhibition Center Posting-11

Paintings by children are showcased in several areas of the museum. Very, very talented!

Hikimaya Exhibition Center Posting-19

When you reach the top floor, you can enjoy the view of the entire town of Karatsu.

Hikimaya Exhibition Center Posting-13

Proof of attendance! 😀

The Hikimaya Exhibition Hall is located just outside the Karatsu Castle vicinity. Hikimaya — which are giant floats used during Karatsu Kunchi Festival are displayed inside this hall. The best time to visit if you want to experience the festival ? — August which is Autumn season in Japan.

Karatsu Shop + Shrine POSTING-30

There’s a souvenir shop with cute finds as well!

Right across the Hikimaya Exhibition Hall is the Karatsu Shrine. Compared to the other shrines I have visited in the past, this one is smaller in size so you will need only a small amount of time to roam the area.

Karatsu Shop + Shrine POSTING-12

Karatsu Shop + Shrine POSTING-8

Highlight of this visit was we got to witness a Japanese wedding ceremony!!! I took this photo from afar cause I didn’t want to be rude and disrespectful to the couple getting married. Not sure if you can see it clearly but the bride is wearing a beautiful all white kimono (?) and the groom is wearing the very fancy lilac and cyan outfit! I also learned that the temple plays different harmonies which can indicate when the couple has already been wed.

Cleansing before praying is a must! Here’s Saki-san teaching us how it’s done.

Karatsu Shop + Shrine POSTING-28

After the couple went in, we had the opportunity to take a few photos outside the temple 🙂

Karatsu Shop + Shrine POSTING-16

Hope you enjoyed this post!!!

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