I wasn’t really supposed to buy this for myself but since I had an extra from my Etude House (Christmas gifts) haul a few weeks back, I decided to give this a try just because I love milk tea so much. /I swear I drink milk tea almost everyday. It’s like a drug @_@

Anyhoo, I am SO glad I tried it! Its now my favorite facial cleanser! *u* It smells so nice~ a bit like baby powder with a hint of milk. I love the thick and rich texture~ foams up and lathers very easily.  I also noticed how it kinda ‘brightens’ my skin afterwards so YAY <3

I am well aware that the Happy Tea Time : Lemon Tea is recommended for oily skin but I think this also does the trick! Also, it leaves my skin squeaky clean YET super soft and hydrated afterwards @_@ I am amazed. It effectively removes dirt and all other yucky residues! Yes, make up included! *u* I don’t use eyeliners (both liquid and pencil) so I’m not sure if it can also remove  eyeliner /redundant. I still think it’s best to use make up remover first if you put on heavy make up (like foundation~yada yada) 😀 As for me, it’s perfect! OH OH and I think they also have a make-up remover/cleanser version of this Happy Tea Time : Milk Tea 😀

PS: I don’t have SUPER OILY skin though. Just … oily. Mainly on the T-zone so if you have super oily skin maybe you should try the Lemon Tea facial cleanser instead 🙂

<3 Crissey

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