Located right in the heart of Myeongdong-gil, you surely won’t miss the Innisfree flagship store in Seoul, Korea!
This is perfect for those who want to take a break from the busy streets of Myeongdong but would still want to shop — it’s like hitting 2 birds with 1 stone! Why? because the Innisfree Green Café is in the same building!

The Green Cafe is located at the top most floor.

If there’s a mirror…there’s a selfie, hehe.

You can shop (till you drop) for your favourite Innisfree products at the ground floor before making your way up to the cafe.

Innisfree prides itself for being the “first natural brand from Korea dedicated to sharing the clean and pure energy of nature for healthy beauty.”

I could sniff these all day!

Spent a lot of time in the eyeshadows section because you can customize your own palette! Got the sparkly and coral shades and I regret not buying more. The pigment quality is super rich — A+ !!!

Limited edition palette cases!

….now you know why I spent a lot of time in this section. I have never seen so many shades!!!

Melissa checking out the lippies and me panicking over all the awesome masks!

Got my mom a bunch of hand lotions because she’s been a fan of the brand since 2015 (?). I’ve actually been using their products (no sebum oil pact, masks, and hand creams) since 2015 as well! If you have oily skin, I swear by their no sebum pact!!!

You can pick your own cushion case! I personally haven’t tried any of their cushions but these cuties makes me want to.

They have some goodies for the oppas as well!

The secret to beautiful, hydrated skin — masks, masks, masks!

On the next floor, you can try out the Innisfree VR — calling all Lee Min Ho fans, you might just squeal with delight 😉

We got to unwind and take a break after shopping at the Green Cafe. Nice environment + Yummy food combo!

Very relaxing ambience.

You can also purchase several healthy snacks/drinks!

Here are some of the desserts/food we got to try! I must say, they did not disappoint!

Hope you enjoyed this post! This place is definitely wort the visit if you’re planning to visit Korea. More posts to come! 🙂

Thank you Philippine Airlines and Korea Tourism Manila for this trip!

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