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Japan, Tokyo Disneyland • 2015

My last entry from my most recent trip to Tokyo, Japan last June! This is my second time in Tokyo Disneyland and since I’m not a huge fan of rides (because I’m claustrophobic and I hate roller coasters, lol) — I just took a lot of photos for everyone! Disneyland is really the happiest place on earth! Hope you enjoy browsing ! 🙂


If we had super cute money like this, I’d probably have a lot of savings right now, lol.

Because Disney character hats are apparently super cool. Yup, even boys wear them!


Wear comfortable shoes if you’re going to visit Disneyland; comfort is the key for a full day of enjoyment!


From cosplaying Disney princesses to wearing Kimonos; you’ll see everything in Disneyland, Tokyo.

We visited Triton’s Kingdom/Mermaid’s Lair because we heard they opened a new attraction — Mermaid Lagoon Theatre which is a short musical. All the songs and conversations were in Japanese but still amazing nonetheless!

Disney knows no language barrier!


Spotted Prince Eric and Ariel <3

Which one is better? Crissey the snowman or Crissey the T-rex?

Curry popcorn was surprisingly — YUMMY! I need it in the Philippines, right now! 🙁

Couple / BFF / Twinning outfits lvl = 1000

I love Japan because you can wear anything and not feel judged or weird about it!

Disney merchandise! How cute are the baby outfits!!!

I spent 70% of my time stalking all the Disney character mascots, he he he.

Let me end this entry with the most adorable encounter between Pluto and a cute baby!

Hope you enjoyed this post! I CANNOT WAIT for my next trip to Tokyo!  Will be going there next February — WINTER ! I am afraid. The cold…bothers me.

Any suggestions on where to visit? Please let me know in the comments section below 🙂

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