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First stop for Day 2 — Karatsu Castle [唐津城]; which is located in Karatsu, Saga prefecture. It was home to the Ogasawara clan, daimyo of Karatsu Domain at the end of the Edo Period.
Doesn’t it look like it came out of a fairytale? The castle is also known as the “Dancing Crane Castle” [舞鶴城] and it’s located beside the Karatsu Bay and is perched on a hill.

Karatsu Castle POSTING-7

There’s a short walk before reaching the castle but no worries, there are a lot of nice spots where you can take touristy photos!


Vintage Coca-Cola signage adds a nice vibe to the area.

Karatsu Castle POSTING-2

Before reaching the castle, you have to climb several steps which aren’t that steep. If you’re with someone who has knee problems/hypertension/of age, please make sure to walk slowly with them and bring water 🙂 It’s a very short hike up and you can enjoy the scenery together!

Wisteria flowers greeted us as we reached the end of the climb. This is just a sneak preview of the Wisteria Garden (which I will be posting about in a separate entry!)

Karatsu Castle POSTING-24

The Wisteria should be receiving as much love as the Sakura’s, don’t you think?

Picture perfect!

Karatsu Castle POSTING-18

Inside the Karatsu Castle, one can find the Hikimaya Exhibition Hall (which I will be posting next!). It’s a small area in which you can find very interesting artefacts. Sadly, photography isn’t allowed on some floors so I was only able to take a few; which means…you have to go see it for yourself then!!! 🙂

Nice #ootd spots can be found all over the area. A bloggers paradise!

transit POSTING-2

See you on my next post! I can’t wait to take you (via photos) to the places I’ve visited!

transit POSTING-9

OT: We found a super cute friendly (fat) cat on the way down! Adorable! Even Japanese cats are polite :))



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