FINALLY AFTER TEN YEARS ~ Long overdue review *o*

Hee~ Sorry I’ve been extremely busy since I’ve started working, so I haven’t been as active online as I was before U_U Anyhoo~ *shuts up*

A few weeks ago I received these babies from Japanese Candy. ( PS: Thank you so much for sponsoring our lenses <3 )


I love how it comes with a cute nifty little pink/white lens container + a handy dandy solution I can carry around with me/ just a tad bigger than my eye drop solution :3

Anyway, I got 2 lenses~! The one on the right: Geo Angel Brown; Left: Love Violet. Today, I’ll be doing a review on the latter. <3

I’ve always wanted to try out these Korean/Japanese circle lenses but I was too afraid to really purchase one; just the mere thought of touching my eyeball terrifies me ._. However, last November of 2009, Tricia was able to convince me to buy Gray Aryan lenses! *u* She even went to my house just to teach me how to put them on and gave me moral support HAHA Yeah, I’m a wuss like that XD Well, to everyone who’s afraid but have been dying to try out contact lenses GOOD NEWS – They won’t hurt/disturb you as much as you think they will ._. Just accept and get over the fact that you have to touch your eyeballs HAH >8D BE BRAVE !

/end of random story

Remember how I said you won’t really feel the lenses? It’s so true with my Love Violet ones D: It’s very comfortable (4/5) and doesn’t move around as much. I think my Aryan lenses are thicker that’s why it slightly feels heavy on the eyes – I’m not saying they’re bad though; just a tad thicker than Love Violet.

Anyhoo~ this is what it looks like:


*Got this from the Japanese Candy site*

* Love Series*

This is how it looks like IRL *PS: Please forgive my photography skills. I cannot take decent photos to save my life, or my dog’s – if I had one. *


Hmm… pretty scary, huh? That was my initial reaction. But do not be fooled~! 8D IMO, It looks amazing when worn! 🙂 I like it better than my Aryan ones because it looks more natural mainly because I think it’s more translucent and kinda blends with your natural eye color. People won’t really notice you’re wearing lenses unless they come up to you really close – believe me, I wore it out yesterday and most of my friends didn’t notice at all LOL XD And don’t worry about looking like a hamster/shark/alien ._. The diameter of this lens = only 14.00 mm , which is really good particularly for those who have smaller *whites(?)* on their eyes/smaller eyes LOL XD But if you have really big spacious eyes *ENVIES*/want bigger looking eyes, you can find similar lenses with a bigger diameter :3 Also, shelf life considering you take very good care of your things – 1 year max. But just to be sure, maybe you should throw it out after 8/9 months? idk ._. hee XD

Since I do not have a fancy and decent camera + no photography skills whatsoever *YET* :> ~ I wore it out yesterday and borrowed my friend’s Samsung digicam which is made of awesome (  Beauty Shot feature FTW~ I will get one soon! ) D: Anyway, After 2-3 hours of wearing Love Violet, I noticed that it can get a bit dry; maybe because I’m not used to wearing lenses. But don’t worry~ a few drops of your eye drop solution will fix it in a jiffy! :3 Just make sure you bring it everywhere hahah D:

Here are a few pictures of me wearing it ~ *Sorry I had to wear glasses because I’m blind without them*

  • No FLash~ LOL @ random Mark : King of photobombs ._.

no flash

  • With Flash


  • Close Up

Anddd~ From afar


LOL Sorry for the pic spam 8D Anyhoo~ so there you have it! *u* It looks better + natural  IRL <3

Verdict: It looks awesome! Totally wearable and comfortable; both on special and on normal days :3 Also, it’s very affordable! If you’re interested in buying you can click here 🙂

Hope you found this useful! 😀 I’ll do a review on the geo angel brown lenses soon… hopefully HEE 😀

<3 Crissey

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