Maybelline | Lip Flush Bitten Lipstick | Review

Been wanting to perfect a bitten lip look lately? No worries as Maybelline New York has the answer for you inLip Flush Bitten Lip by Color Sensational!
Achieve the bitten lip look in just an easy swipe!

You know I’m a HUGE fan of K-style make-up, right?! I’ve been sporting the gradient/ombre look for quite some time now and I must admit that it’s a bit tricky to achieve especially since I have to mix and match different brands/products with different consistencies. My dilemma has been solved recently thanks to Maybelline‘s new line of lippies — the Lip Flush Bitten Lipstick!

[PK01 – RD01 – RD02 – RD03]


Tri-color sticks as opposed to other lippies which has only two; it gives a more subtle and fluid transition of colour ! #bittenlipgoals !

PRICE | Php 299.00
[Available in all Maybelline Counters Nationwide]

The finish is glossy and the texture is lightweight giving you that freshly bitten or I just finished eating a lolipop look. Pigment is good and you can build up the color with multiple swipes to produce a more vibrant look.

Here’s a closer look into the 4 Shades!

My favourite is RD03 ! I find that this shade’s ombre/ gradient is the most evident because of the high contrast in colours!

RD01 is a bit coral and is definitely something you can wear for playful / lively events!

RD02 is the most natural looking IMO. Something I would wear to work on a daily basis 🙂

PK01 will save your day when you need an extra boost of self-confidence! It’s flirty and sweet at the same time (does that make sense?!).


[L-R — RD03, RD01, RD02, PK01]

Notice that there’s a hint of glitters ? Cute! The slight gloss makes the lips look a bit doll-like. I’ve said this numerous times in my previous entries but I will say it again — I looove natural looking gloss lippies!

Lasting power I would say is medium because I noticed that it stains the lips even after the gloss texture wipes off (like lip tint but more subtle). The packaging is very light (plastic material) so it’s not a huge task to bring it around with you in your purse or kit 🙂

Recommended? YES! 


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