Ever dreamed of having longer/fuller lashes and thicker brows? I know I have!
If you’re someone like me who struggles with the application of ‘falsies’ (a.k.a too impatient) or too afraid of the hassle (and lack of time) to have fake lash extensions applied, then this might be for you!

All you need is extra patience, a tiny bit more of your time at night and when doing your make-up in the morning, and MEASURABLE DIFFERENCE Products! The name says it all — the change is indeed noticeable at least in my case. Here’s a short review on the product line-up! Can you hear your lashes and brows rejoicing right now?! hehe

PS: Before anything else, please keep in mind that every product works differently per individual. So while it may have worked for me, it might not necessarily work for you — or maybe it might work for you even better than it did on me! 🙂

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Lash Amplifying Liquid Eyeliner (P519.75/ 5mL) – Pigmented eyeliner that comes with a precision brush. Contains RegenaLash. Comes in the shades: Blackest Black, Black Pearl, and Espresso.

Instant Lash Extensions (P1,029.75/ 11mL)- Achieve a fake lash effect with this zero- clump volumizing and lengthening mascara; contains RegenaLash.

Brow Amplifying Tint & Lift (P519.75/ 6.9mL) – Fill in sparse brows and seal your look with this buildable brow tint. Contains RegenaLash to thicken and care for brows. Comes in the shades Caramel and Espresso.

Lash Amplifying Mascara & Primer (P769.75/ 5.5mL + 5.5mL)- features a primer to help mascara adhere properly for fuller- looking lashes that lasts for hours. Contains RegenaLash.

All products are infused with Regenalash — a peptide complex infused into each product’s ingredient mix. RegenaLash makes lashes look longer and brows look fuller in just over a month’s time. Aside from this specially patented formula, Measurable Difference also vouches for all natural ingredients, rejecting the use of makeup preservatives that can harm the skin.

Double purpose make-up? Now, that’s pretty awesome!

MD_Brochure_RV3_05212013 copy page2

Before posting this review, I have used the products for 1 month and 2 weeks (on and off ). I noticed the change 3 weeks after the first application.

My favorite will have to be the serum! If I had budget for only 1 item from the product line, this will be it! I used this product before using the rest for about 2 weeks.

MD Lash & Brow Amplifying Serum

Lash & Brow Amplifying Serum with RegenaLash PLUS (P1,549.75/ 3 mL) -A Night treatment of lashes and brows, best applied before sleeping. It nourishes and conditions brows and lashes and promises to lengthen lashes and thicken. Features RegenaLash.

I first noticed the change one morning when I was about to wash my face. I thought that I had not removed my eyeliner properly and it smudged into the outer corner of my eyes. So I got my Bioderma make-up remover and kept on trying to remove the excess eyeliner! So happy when I finally realized why it wasn’t coming off — my lashes were actually thicker already!!! (3 exclamation points for emphasis). For the lower lashes, I noticed that it was slightly longer.

For my eyebrows, I felt that the strands grew longer especially the ones at the tips/ends. Would have wanted it to be thicker but maybe if I used it religiously (?).  The product can sting a little bit when it gets too near your eye so you have to be careful when applying! It’s a clear coat so you can use it at night before bed and in the morning before doing your make-up!

Here’s where the rest of the line comes in. They also contain RegenaLash found in the serum! I didn’t use the products as often as the serum though just because I’m so used to my regular ones. Here’s what I think about each one :

(1) Lash Amplifying Liquid Eyeliner — I found it a bit hard to use because I’m so used to the pen/brush type. The formula is very nice though! Very smooth and fluid. What I did was apply the Lash Amplifying Liquid Eyeliner (as best as I can) sans the wing, and use my regular eyeliner to draw out the wing and straighten the line! #LifeHack It stays on quite long despite having slightly oily eyelids — I am very happy about this!

(2) Instant Lash Extensions (green) & Lash Amplifying Mascara & Primer (orange) — These are surprisingly very natural looking (even with 2 coats). I love that it doesn’t chunk up despite having to apply the fibre prior the actual mascara — the fibre really helps in lifting up / holding the curl of the lashes.

(3) Brow Amplifying Tint & Lift — My only issue with this is that the spooly brush bristles are a bit too short and hard so I tend to apply too much or too lightly (does that make sense?). Other than that it also has a very nice formula — very thin and natural looking on the brows. You can skip your eyebrow pencil and just use this one if your main goal is to have brown and slightly fuller brows.

L : Before | R : After 3 weeks

Not sure if you notice the difference on photos but the change is more evident IRL! 🙂

Overall so happy with this product ~ definitely recommend this !

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Measurable Difference is exclusively sold at the SM Beauty Store, Ground Floor, SM Makati.

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