Moleskine Sketchpad

I bought a Moleskine (Sketchbook) last week!

WHAT.WAS.I.THINKING. (Goodbye P 1,195)

Aren’t you a pretty, pretty little thing! *u* Love the sleeve at the back~ very convenient!


• 104 pages

• Heavy acid free paper

• 13 x 21cm (very handy!)

• expandable inner pocket (very, very convenient)


I extremely love the texture and thickness of the paper. Now I understand why it’s so expensive 😮 Quality is superb!!!

Anyway, I tried using my ink and markers to see if it’s worth buying again (LOL)



• Pilot Color ENO 0.7 – I use this for my rough sketch. I also use a different color for my lead so I won’t get confused when I start to ink the artwork ^^; It’s also easier to erase!

*Tip: Use a gum eraser ~ IMO, it’s easier and more effective than the regular eraser.

• Unipins (MY FAVORITE INKING PENS) – I normally just use 0.1, 0.2, 0.4, and 0.8 😀

• Copic markers (best markers I’ve tried so far)

• Letraset Pro Markers (Awesome and cheaper alternative to Copics because they are hella expensive and hard to find in the market)

• Kurecolor (Also a brand of markers *cheaper than Letrasets* but quality is not too good/ bleeds to much and hard to blend)




It works well with the paper’s smooth texture (glides easily). However, I am having trouble with the ink absorption ~ The ink does not come out as ‘solid’ black as compared to when I use it on Canson’s sketchpad or regular paper. But it’s all good since I can just redraw over it (more time consuming though)






Blends easily/better on this type of paper/texture~! My only concern is that the color changes a bit since the paper is a bit yellowish in color.

Oh and one more thing I love is that my ink (unipin) doesn’t smudge/blot that much! I want to cry happy tears! TuT


• Use Kurecolors only if you won’t require any blending (solid color/base only)

• Copics are perfect for the hair since the other end is a brush type nib~ also best used when coloring/adding details.

• For everything else, use Letraset Pro Markers. They perform nearly as well as Copics! Plus they are WAY MORE CHEAPER and easier to find! 🙂

• Use the BLENDER Marker (colorless marker) for easier blending!

ANYWAY, so that’s about it!

YES, I will definitely buy one again as soon as I use up all the pages *u* Btw, there are different sizes and KINDS of Moleskines~ (Unruled/Ruled/They even have one for watercolor) so be sure to check first before buying LOL

I bought mine in Fully Booked ~ but I’ve seen it in most bookstores like National Bookstore, Best Sellers, and Power Books.

You can also find the Letraset markers in Fully Booked! 🙂

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