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I’m back with another Japan/Kyushu travel entry! The Nanatsugama Cruise (Karatsu) definitely made it to my list of favourite locations in Kyushu!

Nanatsugama is the general term for a set of 7 marine erosion caves. Nanatsu means seven and gama means pot or kettle.

Nanatsugama Cruise POSTING-1

Colourful banners with intricate works of art filled the port.

Thankfully, the weather cooperated as it was just the right amount of bright and sunny!

Nanatsugama Cruise POSTING-49

There are numerous shops available within the vicinity; mostly Japanese snacks and fruits.

Our tickets were already prepared by the awesome JTB team so I had a lot of free time to take some photos, hehe.

Nanatsugama pleasure boat “IKA MARU”: 1,500 yen for adult, 750 yen for child [10% applicable to groups of 10+ pax]

Opening Hours
9:30 – 16:30 (year round) — a trip will take no longer than 40 minutes and departs from the port every hour.

Nanatsugama Cruise POSTING-46

PINK WHALE !!! The father & child looks like they’re having a blast!

Nanatsugama Cruise POSTING-13

Serene waters

‘Me time’ while enjoying the view and waiting for our turn.

Nanatsugama Cruise POSTING-26

Captain of the ship!

PS: If you get motion sickness easily, better take some meds about 30min/1 hour before boarding. It can get a little ‘wavy’.

Also, if you plan to take photos, please be very careful with your steps as the waters are unpredictable. Always hold on to the railings and watch out for slippery areas! Bring a windbreaker as well because it’s really windy once you’re out into the open waters.

Nanatsugama Cruise POSTING-43

The caves were formed out of a basalt cliff on the coastline that was eroded by waves, the largest among the caves has a 3m entrance and one of the other caves is 110m deep.

I feel so thankful that I got to see this beauty. I didn’t even have the slightest idea that Japan had something like this! When I think of Japan, I am reminded of the busy streets of Tokyo, the shrines, sakura trees, Sanrio, etc but this? WOW. I am blown away!

The Nanatsugama Caves, designated as a natural monument of Japan, are spectacular caves formed from the infamous rough waves of the Genkai Sea pounding against the cliffs and eroding them away over many long years.

Nanatsugama Cruise POSTING-38

I think I found Ariel’s grotto. No, I didn’t photoshop the colour of the rocks. These are REAL and they are BREATHTAKING ! Because it was a high tide, we were only able to enter the cave by a few feet; but that’s good enough for me!

Bucket list material? — yes!


Yakataishi, Karatsu-shi, Saga
Tourist pleasure boat Marinepal Yobuko, Tel: +81-955-82-3001

Book with JTB — Facebook

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