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Our sole reason for visiting Odaiba [お台場] ? — Gundam Front; Diver City Tokyo Plaza!
Odaiba is a well known shopping and entertainment district on a man made island in Tokyo Bay. Initially, we were supposed to take a ferry but ended up taking the train instead because we were silly enough not to check the departure time.

Odaiba posting-5

It was getting a bit chilly as the sun went down so we had our fur game on!

Odaiba posting-3

I’m so lucky that my friend Riz is super patient with me; I let her take all my photos, hehe.

Odaiba posting-2

Tokyo Sky Tree — this is really near our Airbnb (1 station away). I’ve been to the Skytree before so I didn’t drop by during this trip! But we did go to the Metropolitan Tower in Shinjuku, which I feel is a better version of the Skytree 🙂

Odaiba posting-20

Because we arrived so late, we weren’t able to go to the popular destinations such as Palette Town, Fuji TV Building, Decks Tokyo Beach, and Aquacity. We were lucky enough to have caught a glimpse of the Rainbow bridge while we were on the train. Sadly, I wasn’t able to take a decent photo; maybe next time?

Ferris wheel is open until 10:00pm (11:00 on Fridays & Saturdays) and costs 920 yen / 3080 yen for the entire cabin. One complete revolution takes about 15-20 minutes.

Odaiba posting-25

The main attraction! What if it suddenly moves, lol. You know…secret government project according to my friend, Kar.

There’s a Gundam café right beside the huge statue. They offer mostly drinks and Gundam merchandise are sold inside.


Lighted steps.

We took photos while waiting for the “Gundam Show” — we had no idea what it was but we waited anyway.


Odaiba posting-34

Suddenly, this shows up! Surprise, surprise! Gundam statue also doubles as a huge projector! :)) Wish they had English subs though.

More photos because the lighting is superb!

Odaiba posting-39

Ended our visit with a nice, hot meal inside the mall since everything else was closed (or was about to close). I will definitely visit this place again on my next trip! /crossing fingers.


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