Oshino Ninja Village | Japan 2016

The ride to the Oshino Ninja Village was fascinating! Since it’s located near Mt. Fuji, you can enjoy the spectacular view and clear waters surrounding the area.

“Focus on soba and tofu which are famous items of Oshino village nurtured in the mountain village of Mt. Fuji, vegetables and fish at the foot of Mt. Fuji, local traditional food and Japanese cuisine making use of regional ingredients are served in a rich variety we will provide.”

Entrance to the village.

Before wandering off outside, they gave a short talk/brief introduction about the place which was very informative!

Mt. Fuji !!!
Best spot to take a photo in my opinion, do you agree? Too bad the tip is covered (like a hat/dome) — but I felt better upon hearing that the Japanese people also believe that it’s a sign of good luck!

Felt like I was in a fairytale; amazing view everywhere!

Ninja related merchandise sold inside the souvenir shop.

“There is also a tea ceremony in the garden that offers fun baths that you can enjoy while watching magnificent Mt. Fuji, dumplings using Matcha at the foot of Mt. Fuji, and soft cream using seasonal fruits, mainly from Yamanashi Prefecture.”


Any Naruto fans here? You can fulfil your ninja dreams here!

You can practice by becoming a ninja with experienced ninja attractions such as “ninja karakuri mansion” full of tricks to protect yourself from enemies and dojo of basics “shuriken” in the basics of ninjutsu tools.

● Ninja Karakuri House

It is a house built by a ninja full of tricks to protect yourself from enemies. There are plenty of secrets of ninja with unexpected weapons hidden, secret loopholes and secret door.
You can enjoy a ninja experience while discovering various “karakuri” that were set on a maze like mansion.

● Oshino Shuriken Dojo

It is a training ground for throwing a basic “shuriken” in the basics of ninja tools. Let ‘s concentrate on nerves and shoot the way.

● Ninjutsu Shinto no Michi no Michi

Athletic square for children with ninja’s learning element. Lurking of gimmick to everywhere, which is consists of seven elements “trick maze” is a facility in which children are full of fun and play elements

Yep, those are real!

Sadly, I am unfit to become a ninja 🙁 Didn’t hit any of the targets!

Still a winner cause… I MET A REAL NINJA!!! I kept asking if they were legit, haha — so amazing!? Definitely worth the trip and I would highly recommend this spot if you’re travelling to Japan!


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