Game-changing Japanese optical store OWNDAYS is now in the Philippines

I’ve had poor eyesight for as long as I can remember. I think I was in grade 3 or 4 when I first started wearing glasses and I haven’t removed them since then. My glasses are so important to me that I’d probably grab them first if I ever wake up one day due to a fire or earthquake, lol *knocks on wood*. My left eye is at 700+/- and my right is 800+/- (yup, I’m legit blind without them!); so my main concern when picking out glasses is (1) is it durable — cause frames are expensive! (2) can it accommodate the thickness of lens (ultra thin lens aren’t so ultra thin with my grade, huhu) (3) because glasses and lenses are so expensive (mine’s around P20,000-25,000) I usually have only one or two pairs so I need the processing time to be very quick (it usually takes around 1 week to finish).

It’s like God has answered my prayers! So, so happy that OWNDAYS one of the largest optical chains from Japan, launched at Estancia Mall. OWNDAYS has been rapidly expanding globally, and has recently entered the Philippine market.


This isn’t the first time I’ve come across this brand. I’ve seen it numerous times and even went inside to check out the items. Why I never tried it before? I’m so used to the bill shock (lenses can suddenly cost P17,000 because of all the features like, UV protection, double vision, ultra thin, non-glare, etc) and long waiting time (manual process of check-up) that I didn’t believe its quick “20-minute” processing time, 1,500 styles and “all-in-one” pricing system claims.

At OWNDAYS, you’ll discover an experience you won’t get from any other optical store. “Feel free to choose and try on any pair that fits your mood or lifestyle. Whether it’s basic and functional or stylish and fashionable, we have a pair for everyone,” ends Vohne Yao.


Mr. Shuji Tanaka, CEO of OWNDAYS

Mr. Vohne Yao, Managing Director of Sungears Sales Inc.

Starting from Php 2,900- Php 6,990 (lens included), the affordable yet high quality frames of OWNDAYS have gained huge local popularity leading to the opening of 8 locations as of the month. “We have hundreds of styles, but function is always at the heart of every pair,” shares Yao. “We have 20 brands under OWNDAYS, and each brand has its distinct characteristic.”


As you enter an OWNDAYS store, notice a huge difference from the traditional optical retailers in terms of the wide open concept store design, which allows customers to touch and try over a thousand different styles of frames freely. Customers can either choose to have their vision checked by the PRC Licensed Optometrist in the store, bring an existing prescription, or have their existing pair of glasses copied. OWNDAYS’ in-house PRC Licensed Optometrists use the latest optical machines to test your vision. After choosing your frames and having your eyes checked, you can bring home your OWNDAYS glasses in just 20 minutes.

The price packages on frames are inclusive of high quality multi-coated lenses. Customers who have higher “grades” need not worry as there are no additional charges for ultra-thin lenses. Since it is both practical and stylish to own more than one pair of glasses, OWNDAYS offers an additional 25% discount to all subsequent frames (applied to the cheaper pairs).

To further excite customers, OWNDAYS highlights one of its best-selling collections, AIR Ultem. The light-weight frames – which weigh only 9.4 grams – are made from ‘Ultem,” a flexible, incombustible and heat-resistant material that provides wide flexibility.  Ultem is the same material used to make the spare parts of spacecrafts and airplanes, so you’re assured of its durability.


They weren’t kidding about the wide variety of styles. I spent more time picking out a frame than the actual check-up, lens cutting and final fitting.


AIR Ultem. A frame weighing just 9.4 g and providing amazing flexibility – AIR Ultem is soft as feather and light as air! It is made of flexible, incombustible and heat-resistant material called “Ultem” which is used to make spare parts of spacecrafts and airplanes. The flexibility of AIR Ultem has passed the inspections based on Japanese Industrial Standards enduring pressure of over 10,000 times without distortion. It has been proven to be very functional and perfect for daily use. With a variety of designs, in different shapes and colors, it is definitely a pair of the future!

OWNDAYS PC. A collection developed for the people who tend to use computers and mobile phones for long hours. Displays emit a lot of blue light which are harmful to the eyes, OWNDAYS PC can reduce them by approximately 40%! It can reduce stress on the eyes that cause fatigue and headaches. And with 13 colors, there’s a pair for everyone! OWNDAYS PC – save your eyes, shield your eyes.

Zoo. An original collection of quirky sunglasses inspired by animals and plants – the Zoo collection is a must have for the fashionista in you! With the emphasis on fashion trends, new designs are added every now and then to expand the rich line up of modern styles and color options. Inject fun and attitude into your everyday wear!

They have progressive, shades, and transition lenses available. For progressive and transition lenses, you have to add P5,000 on top of the basic amount which isn’t so bad compared to what the regular optical shops charge customers. Believe me, I’ve been going in and out of optical shops since forever.

PS: The 20 minutes waiting period is only applicable to single vision lenses! 


Mikyle Quizon


The face of an extremely happy customer, lol.

Pretty Maxine Marcelino

Can’t decide! I kinda want to get the red frame next! It’s only Php4,995 for the frame and lens — and only 20 minutes waiting time after payment and check up. Depending on the customer traffic, expect your visit to be around 30-45 minutes (longer if you can’t decide on which frame, hehe). Imagine entering the store — picking out the frame — having your eyes checked — wait for 20 minutes after payment– and walking out with your brand new specs; in just below an hour?! /happy dance/


Fellow bloggers Ana Gonzales and Ava Te



Simple. OWNDAYS makes the price system simple and easy to understand – set prices include everything you need (frame + 1.60 to 1.67 high index aspheric/ultra thin lenses). Prices range from PHP 2,990 to PHP 6,990 and no additional fee for the aspheric/ultra thin lens regardless of the high grade.

Quick. Your time is important to OWNDAYS. Their practical knowledge, reliable skills and latest technology in retail optical lens edging enable them to complete your pair in as early as 20 minutes upon payment – except for special order lenses. OWNDAYS uses Nidek’s LE-1200, top-notch equipment from Japan, which offers faster grinding capabilities and results to a shorter cycle time and a high luster finish.

Valuable. OWNDAYS carries out research for enhanced functionality and quality on a daily basis with the aim of complying with the strict Japan Industrial Standards (JIS). Quality improvements and increased production efficiencies are achieved at overseas affiliated plants under the supervision of Japanese engineers. OWNDAYS lenses are aspheric/ultra thin and multi-coated equipped with UV, anti-reflective, scratch-resistant and water repellent coating. Aspheric/ultra thin lenses achieve less distortion and a thinner edge making your eyeglasses lighter and more comfortable.

Aside from offering more styles and higher quality, OWNDAYS provides in-store eye exams facilitated by their PRC Licensed Optometrists. They are also able to increase efficiency and improve patient care through their latest technology in electronic refraction.


My very first pair from Owndays! 🙂

Find your latest fashionable pair of eyeglasses at any of the OWNDAYS branches: Glorietta 2, Robinsons Place Manila, U.P. Town Center, Landmark Makati, Festival Mall, Landmark Trinoma, Uptown Mall.

SOON TO OPEN: Robinsons Galleria and Shangri-La Plaza (December 2016)

For more information, visit

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