Place your Style on the map with the Melissa Mapping 2017 Holiday Collection

Melissa shoes plots in next move with the Melissa Mapping Holiday collection!

Melissa Shoes kicked off the holidays on a celebratory note with the release of its Melissa Mapping Holiday 2017 collection.

“Melissa Mapping is a one-of-a-kind collection with a unique concept, taken from the increasing connectivity of a fast-developing world. As the world gets smaller, then so it becomes easier to plot not only more places, but the many virtual spaces in which the world is connected. In that sense, as borders close in and more points are plotted in the grand map of the world, the more necessary it is to point out specific locations (whether physical or virtual) where Melissa shoes can be found or enjoyed. The Melissa Mapping collection released 8 pairs that represent these locations.”

Melissa store located at Level 4 East Wing Shangri-la Plaza, Mandaluyong.

First of all, can I just say that I LOVE the store layout! So clean and organized; and smells soooo good inside! I’ve always been a fan of the slight bubblegum scent of Melissa (bye, stinky feet, lol!)

One of my faves from the collection! Too bad it comes in junior sizes but if your feet is smaller than US7; these will come in your size(s)! I’m jealous!

Went to the event with my bb girls Farrah and Sophie.

I am the mot bb… in height, hehe.

Melissa for kids! So cute!

Here’s the holiday collection! See anything you fancy? 🙂

Very lady-like heels but super comfy to walk in! Perfect for office ladies IMO.

Something I’d wear to the beach or out of town trips. Melissa shoes are actually perfect for travelling because (1) it’s comfy, (2) durable, and (3) easy to maintain/clean.

BOWS!!! <3

Can’t get enough of the bow designs!

Something different that stood out; this unique style reminds me of fabric/cross-stitch patterns.

Some of the styles below aren’t available in-store YET but I’m sure everyone’s as excited as I am!

I want them all!

Hope you enjoyed this post! 🙂


For more information on the Melissa Mapping collection, follow @melissaphilippines on social media and contribute to the discussion with the hashtags #MelissaMappingPh #MelissaPhilippines and #MEinMelissa.

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