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Hey guys! Yup, I’m still alive! So busy with the ‘real world’ please forgive my lack of updates. Anyway, here’s a short review of my new bluetooth headphones from Remax

Price | Php 2,500.00


• Stereo Headphone with Retail Package Bluetooth V4.1 AUX Audio Cable.Headset soft PU coated material, feels very smoothly without feeling heart ear when used, with fairly large diameter is 76mm ear.

• Pointing Smart Noise Reduction Built-in 300mAh Rechargeable Battery offers 14h of continuous hearing.Compatibility Fine Process Stylish Fashion Design Black/White Multi Colors

• Remax RB-195HB is equipped with high-quality speakers,two independent speaker chambers designed, gives users the clean sound with powerful bass and sound.Capable of connecting to two devices at one time

• Equipped with high-quality polymer battery system along with modern battery-saving saves you maximum energy, protects the battery and improve the shelf life of 1 charge

• Compatible with most audio devices currently on the market, ranging from intelligent devices for iOS & android or until the device connected via AUX port

Charging and AUX cords are included inside the box.


Very clean and sleek design.

I find myself using this more nowadays in the office mainly because of the ear cushions. Definitely recommend this for longwear! Material feels like plastic but seems durable — not bad for the price!

My main concern with this device is that it does not have a next song button so I still have to manually change songs. If you’re just chilling and not doing sports, this is not a problem although I feel it would be better and more convenient if it were included.


Super comfortable ear cushions!

Sound quality is surprisingly good ! Vocals are clean and crisp and connectivity is not disrupted as long as you don’t wander off too far away from your main device 🙂


Hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know what you think in the comments section below 🙂 I have another Remax Bluetooth headphones for review SOON!

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