Robot Restaurant | Shinjuku, Tokyo 2016

When I was told that we were going to the Robot Restaurant my initial reaction was — “What? We’re eating at a restaurant with…robots?”. If you’re curious as to what’s inside the restaurant, continue reading!

PS: If you’re prone to LSS — the Robot Restaurant jingle will haunt you! I was singing the song for my entire trip, huhu.

Warning : image heavy post ahead! Also, I’m posting a lot of photos so if you’re planning to watch and don’t want any spoilers…you can still look away! hehe 🙂

PS: I apologise in advance for the inconsistency in colours (photos) — the lights inside are craaaazzyy! :))

I didn’t have any expectations for this location — I simply thought that we were going to have a nice dinner at a restaurant…with robots. Lo and behold, this is what greeted us upon entering. My eyes had to do some adjustments because of all the lights and colors but it certainly caught my attention!

Everyone was instructed to go to the top floor where we were “serenaded” by this robot, hehe.

Look at these amazing artworks!

The blogger in me couldn’t resist taking #OOTDs

Each ticket includes 1 drink ticket. Went for some iced tea but most are alcoholic drinks 🙂 We were then instructed to go downstairs where the ‘show’ will be held. It’s a fairly small space — like a classroom setting. At the start of the show, we were given a few reminders like — don’t use wifi (cause the robots will get mad, lol). For those seated in front, keep your feet behind the boundaries, etc.

And then… the lights went out.

At this point, I had literally no idea as to what was going to happen. The ‘robots/performers’ weren’t moving and then suddenly…

Everyone went on full energizer bunny mode!!!

By this time — people were either really into it, or really confused. I was a bit confused but was thoroughly entertained at the same time!

If you’re into the Japanese culture, this isn’t something new or unexpected. It’s basically a show where kawaii is mixed with a a lot of fun and a little bit of crazy! Definitely something interesting to see!

They give away popcorn to lucky viewers in between performances. If you’re hungry or thirsty from all the excitement, this is also the perfect time to buy food/beverages!


I thought I’ve seen it all when suddenly…Kung Fu Panda appears!

Oh, and they threw in some giant mecha snakes, birds, and a lot of other creatures here and there.

They DO have a storyline, by the way. However, I don’t want to ruin the fun for those who wants to watch this show in the future so let’s keep it a secret 🙂

It was like watching an RPG game / anime film straight out of my tv screen!


We were given glow sticks for the final act. Obviously enjoyed this cause you know…shiny. The final act was like an explosion of happy singing, dancing, jumping, and all things you wouldn’t have imagined! Don’t believe me??? Look at this costume!!!

Naturally, some robots were present…and a zebra.


They have THE CUTEST performers!

Her singing was ON POINT!

Ms Pure Energy award goes to this girl :))

Anyway, bye for now! Hope to see you in my next entries!? 🙂


Had the opportunity to watch this show thanks to JTB Philippines ! You can send them inquiries in case you’re interested to watch this show/tour packages! 🙂

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