Scary Clips reaction video with Farrah + Fenty Giveaway

I don’t have a #halloweencostume so I’m using @beautyplus_ph ‘s new AR filters instead 😂 Ikinaganda ko sobra tong filter LOL ANYWAY! Let me share a short personal mumu story — One time, when I was younger (in our old house), I was getting ready to get out of the car when suddenly I felt someone rush out and bump me. Thinking it was my younger brother, I shrugged it off but when I was about to close the door… my bro was still inside 😬 Fast forward to after dinner, I went up and saw a kid tying his shoelace (just beside our staircase); again, thinking it was my bro, I went up only to find him sitting on the attic stairs/steps 😶 I remember clearly what the boy was wearing — white polo shirt, denim pants, and blue/red rubber shoes. My bro was wearing sando and tsinelas btw so LOL! 🙃🙃🙃 I saw the kid again on a diff occassion but that’s another story 👶🏻 Yup, I’m a bit weird 😂 Who wants more mumu stories?! 😂

Have your own #Storrify to share? You can win FENTY lippies by simply downloading #beautyplusph (Download Using This Link) + sharing your selfie using the halloween AR filters! Head over to Farrah’s Youtube for full mechanics + a video of us reacting to scary clips LOL #StorrificPH

Don’t forget to tag us if you join! I love a good scare! 😬

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