Did you know that there’s a strawberry farm in Fukuoka, Japan called Shiraki-IchigoLuckily, JTB took us to many new tourist spots! Took a lot of photos for my readers to enjoy! 🙂

Saki-san and Yuki looking very excited for strawberry picking!

Shiraki Ichigo posting-6

The place is filled with all sorts of kawaii ichigo display and merchandise.

Only Y390 for all those strawberries? Yes, please! We were given our ‘strawberry picking’ kit which consists of a cute Hello Kitty cup and scissors.

All set! Here’s the group entering our designated greenhouse !

Shiraki Ichigo posting-28

Photo first before going crazy picking and eating all the strawberries! There’s actually a time limit [an hour, I think] but I think that’s more than enough time for you to pick and eat strawberries. I was so full after eating around 4 — they have HUGE strawberries! The rule is, eat all you can while inside the greenhouse but once you take out the ones you picked, you have to pay for it — very similar to Baguio strawberry picking 🙂

Different kinds of strawberries can be picked such as Toyonoka, Amaou, and Oi “C” berry; which has a high dosage of vitamic C!

Shiraki Ichigo posting-43

Spotted a heart shaped strawberry! 🙂

….and I still ate it, lol. The strawberries are super sweet and tasty! Can I live here??

Shiraki Ichigo posting-48

Taking a photo with Pia but my face is like “which strawberry should I pick next?”

With the JTB team!

Shiraki Ichigo posting-24


Satisfaction level ? 10000000 !!! Definitely recommend this place especially if you love strawberries!


TEL : 090-8832-8391

E-mai :shiraki.ichigo@gmail.com

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