Sorry for the lack of updates; been busy ‘adulting’.

Suddenly, I miss school and not having to worry about anything except my studies. I miss hanging out in the cafeteria with my classmates and cramming for exams (no, okay not really).

I miss being young and carefree but at the same time; I love being an adult! I love being able to decide things on my own – what I should eat, where I should hang out during my free time, which clothes should I buy, etc. Having responsibilities and having other people depend on you is actually a nice albeit somewhat stressful at times. But that’s life; you can’t be comfortable with doing one thing/routine forever and say you’re living your life to the fullest. Happy to report that I’ve somewhat adjusted with my new work. It’s different from what I’ve been doing in Coca-Cola for the past 5 years but I like it.

And, yup! Not related at all to my outfit and photos in this entry /just saying.

Skort : Lola & Daisies on Instagram
Shoes : Pinkdiamond018 on Instagram

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