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I have a very small circle of friends and I noticed that most ‘if not all’ of us are very fond of food cafés! When Tricia and I are abroad, we’re constantly stopping at every interesting café we see! Missing Tricia in this video/feature because she’s been really busy with her wedding preparations. Hopefully, I’ll get to see her tomorrow (crossing fingers)

Anyway, my good friend / kawaii blogger Ashley Dy invited us to try out the newly opened Sunnies Cafe which is located in Bonifacio High Street. The entrance/door is a bit small but it’s right beside Fridays! 🙂

sunnies cafe photos-1

Here’s a short video I made for everyone 🙂 Food and drinks are really great plus It’s not overly expensive as well. It’s a great hang out for the family or friends but probably not when you need to work since it can get quite busy/noisy inside; though we went there on a weekend during snack time.

 Here are some photos! <3 The place and food are SUPER INSTAGRAM WORTHY!!!

sunnies cafe photos-19

sunnies cafe photos-10

sunnies cafe photos-14

Hope you enjoyed this post! ^u^

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