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    Universal Studios Japan Highlights

    This was my third time in Universal Studios Japan but it’s still as exciting as my first — I love how USJ constantly adds/features new park attractions so every visit is…

  • Japan TRAVEL

    Gold leaf Sakuda

    If you’re looking for a unique, fun, and artsy experience in Kanazawa, definitely drop by the Sakuda gold & silver leaf store! “Sakuda is located in the Higashichaya-gai district of Kanazawa and…

  • Japan TRAVEL

    Yamato Sample • Ikebukuro • Japan

    Yes! I made this; so cute and so easy! Got to visit this place in Ikebukuro called Yamato Sample where we were taught the basics of food replica making — [address: 東京都豊島区上池袋4-21-12] Went crazy…

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