♥ Tokyo Love ♥

Decided to wear (Yes, for the 1st time evur!) my shiny, shiny, did I mention shiny? Antho Tokyo flats today  ♥

Do not mind my ‘morning eyes’ + face ~u~

HURHUR lulz @ hello kitty shirt~ Thank you Tokyo flats for making my extremely plain & boring outfit look pretty and decent *u* ILU PINK SOLES! o/ Attention grabber much? ♥♥♥

Thank you for being super comfy and awesome ! No nasty blisters AT ALL!


Anthology shoes and my feet are now officially BFF’s / Soulmates. troofax.

Cannot wait to get my hands…err, feet on their new awesome wedges! HAH! and gold brussels…and pretty red flats…and…and… /gets shot for being too greedy.

Goodnight! :3



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