Tokyo Tokyo has Everything you’re Craving for (and more) in a Wrap!

If you love Japanese food as much as I do, you’re in for a treat! This year, Tokyo Tokyo has created a twist to its two best sellers to make new Snack Bento variants and has brought its signature Beef Misono and Best Chicken Teriyaki into the fold.

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Having a full-time day job and being a freelance illustrator and blogger at the same time has it perks but this also means that I don’t have the luxury to queu or sit-and-dine in food chains/restaurants all the time. My work desk is my best friend – I basically spend most of my time with it if I’m not scurrying off to meet a client or to attend an event.


Thankfully, I can now have my favorite Beef Teriyaki (in a wrap) — this is made with savory and tender beef misono slices smothered in teriyaki sauce and topped with fresh shredded cabbage and cheese!

On the other hand, the Best Chicken Teriyaki Wrap is made with thick strips of smoky grilled chicken with a generous drizzle of teriyaki sauce and dressed with Japanese mayo and shredded cabbage.

Tokyo Consumption Shot 1

Ala carte orders of these wraps are priced at only P85, but these can be paired with Potato Balls, Nori Wasabi or Onion Rings for P140.

If you can’t get enough of Beef Misono and Best Chicken Teriyaki but are looking for a better way to enjoy them, head on now to the nearest Tokyo Tokyo branch and chow on these new snack treats.

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