We all love to smell great — who doesn’t? Sadly, most fragrances comes in hard-to-lug around packaging. If I purchase the smallest size, it will cost a lot more money longterm than the full size. The problem with this is that (1) It’s so heavy and bulky! Even if I bring it with me, it’s so embarrassing to bring it out and spray — even in the public restroom (2) I can’t hand carry it when I’m travelling (might get confiscated) and I’m too paranoid to put it in my luggage (it might break and spill all over). (3) You always have to bring a bigger bag for it to fit.

GOODNEWS! Say hello to the Perfume Pod and Travalo !

The process is very simple and fast to do! I’m guilty of trying to move fragrances into smaller containers using (sheer willpower, lol jk) funnels and other…creative ways.

Travalo Classic steps

Here’s a short clip I made! 😀 See how quick and easy it is to fill your travalo/perfume pod!

To the inventor, whoever you are — THANK YOU!!!

“Perfume Pod (P349.75) can carry 5ml of perfume, but can give you 65- 85 sprays; it comes in fashionable, pop colors and a fun design. It may look cute, but this cookie is tough as it is scratch- proof and shatterproof!

Travalo (P999.75) is for every discerning, stylish perfume lover; it uses the patented Genie-S refill system that lets you transfer perfume into Travalo sans spillage and without exposing the product to environmental elements, thereby preserving its integrity. Travalo comes in chic colors with a chic, metallic barrel finish.”

Travalo and Perfume Pod are available at Lazada, Travalo 2L of SM North EDSA, and Travalo 4L of SM Aura. Visit TRAVALO PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information on these products.
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