We Tried 10 drinks from Serenitea and here are our thoughts!

I remember the first time I got try milk tea; it was in the year 2014 when I had a study tour in Taiwan. Little did I know that I would be a fan for life! When I returned to the Philippines, milk tea wasn’t readily available yet. I remember going to 7-11 in the hopes of being able to purchase the bottled ones which were very few in quantity. Thankfully after a few months, the Philippines finally caught up with the milk tea craze! Serenitea being one of the very first ones to open. When I got the invitation from the Serenitea team to try out their top 10 drinks — it was as instant YES!!!

I went with my very good friend Farrah — who also happens to love milk tea. We visited the Greenbelt 3 branch which has a very nice homey feel to the store. I also love going to Shangri-la branch because the atmosphere is very serene and it’s quiet enough for people who want to work and sip on some milk tea! PS: They have food too!

10 drinks!!! Tricia and Keita (not in the photo) also helped us try out the drinks, hehe. The more the merrier!

Here are the 10 drinks we got to try!

  1. Okinawa — I think this drink has been available since Serenitea’s inception. Even after trying all 10 drinks, this one is still number one on my list! It has a delightful mix and a perfect ratio of aromatic tea and milk — plus points for the pudding! This is the lighter version of their Hong Kong milk tea.
  2. Green Tea Slush — I admit, I’m a bit partial to anything matcha flavoured! Compared to the other matcha drinks I’ve tried, I find this drink very refreshing due to the matcha flavour not being overwhelming.
  3. Okinawa Espresso — Coffee and milk tea lovers rejoice! Now you can get best of both worlds — because sometimes, it’s hard to decide between the two, right?
  4. Taro Lover — I’m not a huge fan of taro but this drink hit the right spot on my tastebuds! The consistency of this drink is smooth and slightly thicker than the rest. Give this one a go if you’re into milky beverages.
  5. Yakult Green Apple — I was a bit iffy to try this at first but who would’ve thought that Yakult and Green apple would create such an enjoyable blend! It has Nata bits and is sour to the taste — the good kind.
  6. Hong Kong milk tea — If you’re the type who prefers a stronger tea to milk ratio; this is perfect for you!
  7. Cranberry Black Tea — This is a fun and fruity drink mixed together! What’s interesting about this drink is the perfect chemistry between two contradiction — sweet and sour.
  8. Chocolate Strawberry — People who love thick chocolate and strawberry will fall in love with this. It reminds me of the Meiji chocolate (with strawberry) I used to eat as a kid. It tastes like chocolate but with a hint of hazelnut & strawberry. It has strawberry cheese frost on top too!
  9. Cocoa Cookies & Cream — This drink separates itself from the rest with its chocolate powder on top– think Milo dinosaur! It’s less sweet than the Chocolate Strawberry.
  10. Hokkaido Milk Tea — This drink gives off a floral and oriental taste.

Hope you enjoyed this post! 🙂

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