Universal Studios Japan Highlights

This was my third time in Universal Studios Japan but it’s still as exciting as my first — I love how USJ constantly adds/features new park attractions so every visit is a brand new experience! Here are the highlights of my USJ 2018 trip with JTB Philippines and my good friend Farrah πŸ™‚

The famous Glico man greeting us prior to entering this souvenir shop. Lots of cute items plus, they even have anime themed products (One Piece, Bleach, etc)

It was raining during our visit so we had to wear raincoats! Random trivia about me — it was my first time to wear a raincoat, heh! I wanted to purchase the minion raincoats but I probably won’t be able to use it in the Philippines anymore.

I got super excited when I saw the Sailormoon 4D theater! I was looking forward to this since last year!!!

Final Fantasy ride! We weren’t able to drop by this area due to the fixed shooting schedule with Biyahe ni Drew but I’m sure it’s loads of fun!

A familiar ride — Spiderman! The first time I rode this was with my BFF, Tricia! We were in USJ during halloween season. We had to escape the roaming zombies and ended up entering this attraction — no regrets! It was tons of fun! It’s in augmented reality format so if you’re not a fan of outdoor rides, rollercoasters and such, this one’s perfect for you!

JAWS! Taking a photo seems more realistic cause of the raindrops on the shark!

Jurassic Park rides! I haven’t tried this but my mom says it’s like a rollercoaster plus the log jam ride in one! Due to the rain, The Flying Dinosaur ride was closed for the safety of the guests.

Aaaaand probably my favourite area — Harry Potter!!!


We had Harry Potter wands while walking around (I felt like Hermione, hehehe). Also, they have special areas where you can cast magic spells! The friendly park personnel will teach you how it’s done πŸ˜‰

Harry Potter fans shouldn’t miss the Butterbeer !

Yum, yum, yum!

Potterheads will go crazy with these HP merchandise found in every corner of the vicinity!

Up next — Minions!!! Who’s a fan?!?! I looooove the move Despicable Me! Since this was a new attraction, I was particularly excited to check it out!

Tim, Paul, and Stuart!

Banana flavoured popcorn — how appropriate! πŸ˜€

Couldn’t resist a take a minion inspired OOTD — and no, I didn’t wear denim and yellow on purpose! We also got to try the different flavors of the Minion Sandwiches; my fave being the strawberry πŸ˜€

Can’t hide my happiness!

Farrah and I while waiting for our turn at the Minion Mayhem attraction. It’s a really fun ride but I got a bit dizzy afterwards (signs of aging, lol)!

Finally it was time to eaaaaaattt!

Happiness Cafe is a Coca-Cola themed food area.

Because we weren’t over the minions… we got minion themed food!
PS: That’s the popcorn case! It even lights up πŸ˜€

After eating, we went minion merch shopping! I was tempted to buy a lot but upon remembering my age… I ended up just buying one canvas bag #WellBehaved

Something new — Hello Kitty Design Studio! They turned Hello Kitty into a tiger!

This wasn’t actually part of our itinerary but since we finished early, Xiaomin from JTB Japan accompanied us to the Sailormoon 4D theater!!! SO HAPPY!!! My fangirl heart was pounding with so much excitement! The show was about Sailormoon and the soldiers fighting off an evil monster terrorizing USJ. I swear, I almost cried during the last part #feels . I feel so lucky to have experienced this! This attraction is fromΒ March 16 – September 30 2018 only!

Sailormoon cafe !

I didn’t want to eat these cause it’s too pretty!

Hope you enjoyed this post! Have you been to USJ? How was your experience? πŸ™‚

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