Introducing a new release from Urbanears ‘active-friendly’ line.
Say hello to the HellasThis is officially my first wireless / bluetooth 4.0 technology + swipe interface headphones and I’m loving it to bits!
* Used this for around 3 weeks before I wrote this review.

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Thank you so much to Digits Trading for sending one for me to review 🙂

As with the rest of Urbanears products, it comes in an eco-friendly (no tape, whatsoever) packaging which I think is really brilliant! The back of box contains a very simple infographic on how to use the device.

As functional as they are good-looking, these sporty headphones are designed to keep up to speed with whatever beat you choose.

Priced at Php 5,250.


LED indicator [red] for charging, [white] for fully charged or in use, and [blue] for connecting to device via bluetooth.

Since this product targets active users — sweat and dirt is inevitable. Thankfully, they designed it in such a way that it’s sweat friendly! The meshy, washable ear cushions and headband take moisture like a champion. You can also use this while running/exercising at night cause the reflective cable gives you that extra night-proof edge!


If you ask me, my favourite feature would definitely be the touch interface. It’s very simple; swipe right/left to switch songs, up/down to adjust volume, tap once in the middle to play or pause, twice to answer/end calls — yup! it has a built in microphone.

image from Urbanears website

It charges up quite quick! 2 hours / full charge will give you approximately 14 hours of playtime.


My only problem with this is that it’s so snug (which is actually good since it stays in place while exercising) — but since I wear glasses, it hurts a bit after a few hours of wear. I can’t really adjust the side to make it bigger cause my head is so small HAHA. But other than that, I think it’s an excellent product both for exercise and daily use.

For more active users, please check out other blog reviews regarding connectivity strength while doing fast-pace activities. I’ve only used this for jumprope and found no issues whatsoever 🙂

When connecting to your device, please note that you have to long press the touch interface and wait for the blue light indicator. I spent around an hour trying to figure why my device cannot locate the headphones, lol! It should show up as ‘Hellas’ when you scan via bluetooth.

Here’s the complete list of retailers in the market:

Astroplus | Astrovision | Automatic Center

Banana Telecom | Beyond the Box | Bratpack

BZB Gadget Hive | DigiHub | Digital Walker

District 32 | Egghead | Electroworld | Fashion Rack Globe | Gadgets @ Xtreme | iCenter | iGig

iLiberty Tech Gadgets and Acessories | Islands and More | iStore | iStudio | Listening Room | Mobile 1 Odyssey | Pound It | Powerhub | Rustan’s Dept. Store Samsung | Secret Fresh | Senco Link | SM Music & Video | Switch | Tackthis | The A-Shop | Urban Athletics Urban Gadgets | Wellworth Department Store

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