Hello, everyone! I’m so excited to introduce this brand called ESSENSU ! If you’re a fan of the Japanese culture/language, you might have figured out right away that it’s the Japanese term for ESSENCE. 

Essensu Lifestyle Essentials is a home and personal care line that creates different platforms and languages to be better understood by its consumers. The brand was adopted from Japan’s technology and was brought and introduced in the Philippines last December 2014 and is the first brand expansion after Skin Perfect, Perfect Contour, and Vanity Circle Salon that has been in the market since 2000 and 2012 respectively.

I think it’s safe to assume that everyone wants to smell and feel great all the time, right? Especially for people who are always out and about or working in a not so hair friendly environment like me! Every lunch break, I dread going outside because of the air pollution cause the smell sticks to my hair almost immediately. I actually have a stash of hair products in my office drawer (1) argan oil (2) dry shampoo (3) hair fragrance.

Products like this Essensu Hair Spritz (Php250) in Mori scent give me life! Why? It smells great, has argan oil, and leaves your hair feeling fresh! 3-in-1 product right here. It also helps that it has a SUPER KAWAII packaging! I mean, how can you resist that little bow!

…is the first hair fragrance brand in the country It is a quick solution for people who wants to freshen up their hair anytime of the day Has a light fragrance and protects your hair from drying.


Lolita Collection is at Php 250 and Language of Flowers is at Php 299

Lolita Collection for men is also available in Aki and Haru .

The 4 variants for the Lolita Collection body lotion and wash are Sayaka, Mori, Hime, and Sakura. 

Happy that the Hair Spritz is lightweight enough to bring inside my bag! My secret weapon for ‘after work’ events! After spraying this on my hair, I smell like I just got out of the shower, hehe #NowYouKnow

Am I the only one who is super lazy to apply lotion? For the most part, I don’t apply lotion because I find it too sticky and oily. Happy to report that this one is NOT STICKY AT ALL! Your skin will absorb it almost instantly and feels very, very light. The scent is not overpowering so I always apply this liberally every morning and night after showering!

Fragance Lotion (295php) – Contains VITAMIN E that has anti oxidant benefits and deeply moisturizes the skin ALMOND OIL provides therapeutic benefits for sensitive skin and prevents skin from drying Soothes and moisturizes the skin with the help of ALOE VERA EXTRACT Naturally derived from the roots of COMFREY PLANT, ALLANTOIN gives soothing and skin protection and stimulates cell regeneration promoting anti-aging benefits.


If you’ve been following my blog long enough, you know I’ve tried the Meiji Collagen powder and I must admit, it worked wonders on my skin. However, it’s a luxury to maintain (costly) and I keep forgetting (or just plain lazy) to prepare it every night. For this product, I just have to refrigerate it (cause it tastes even better) and consume whenever I want to! Plus points for the flavor; berries! Yum yum!

Happy to have an alternative Collagen Jelly Drink in sachet form; travel friendly too! This provides your skin the lost collagen caused by environmental factors provides strong anti-aging effect and reduces the breakdown of collagen gives out a strong whitening effect makes the skin look younger and increase skin tone.

Per sachet – 195php 1 box contains 14 pouches 2,730php


Essensu Bubble Popping Masks | Php105/each, Php420 box of 4

…is a unique and fun way to have a beautiful, glowing skin In just seconds, the treatment transforms from a gel to a white oxygenating foam, indicating that oxygen is being released into skin bubbles improves wrinkles by pushing skin from the inside Collagen production is highly improved Whitening and UV light protection will also be noticed.

Variants : Pink is for brightening and Gold is for anti-aging

I loooove masks! I usually use the mask sheets from various Korean brands so this one’s new to me! I love applying masks the night before I have to attend an event or occasion cause it’s kind of an instant fix to dull and tired skin. Of course, I do recommend a proper skincare routine!

Essensu has four lifestyles as its foundation. Each lifestyle was created a logo to represent each lifestyle to serve as an identity as to which lifestyle each product belongs to.
• Varsity – sports lifestyle
• Runway – Fashion lifestyle
• Artisan – gourmet lifestyle
• Travel – traveler lifestyle
• Household
• Skincare


Best part? You can easily purchase everything online! Just hit them up on FACEBOOK! 🙂

Essensu Lifestyle Essentials products can be purchase at the following physical stores:

• Fishermall (2nd floor) & Fisher Supermarket
• SM North Edsa Main ( Upper Ground Floor in front of Bench)
• Robinsons Ermita (Ground Floor)
• Robinsons Galleria (2nd Floor)
• Cash & Carry (2nd floor)

Instagram: @essensu_ph | Facebook: Essensu Lifestyle Essentials

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