Whiter teeth in just 20 minutes? It’s possible with The Smile Bar! + GIVEAWAY

You read that right! You’re only 20 minutes away from a whiter a brighter with The Smile BarSo thankful for this opportunity because I’ve always wanted to try teeth whitening/bleaching but was too afraid of the dangers/side effects — like pain, sensitivity, and possibly even damage to your gums and/or the roots of the teeth.

Thanks to The Smile Bar, we can now enjoy our pearly whites in a more safe, affordable, and pain-free way! They are a well-known teeth whitening salon that offers the fastest and most effective system in the market and is now open in Manila!

Before the treatment, Farrah and I were asked to fill-in our information. The Smile Bar is located in the 2/F of  Uptown Parade in BGC, Taguig City.

After signing the forms, we were led into a bright room where in they compared our teeth to their shade chart and confirmed our current shade. Mine was at S22 and Farrah’s was at S28 since she’s a heavy coffee and tea drinker.

Before the actual procedure, we had to brush our teeth thoroughly. Everything will be provided (toothbrush, mouthwash, towels, etc) so you don’t have to bring anything with you.

One session lasts for 20 minutes. Farrah got the triple whitening session so that’s 60 minutes, and I got the double whitening (40 minutes).  They have these cute egg chairs to make your experience more comfortable. They also provide headphones and iPads so you can listen to music, play games, watch movies, etc. My eyesight is really, really bad so without my glasses, I couldn’t enjoy the iPad — prop tip: wear contacts!

Before they start on anything, they explain the procedure and materials very carefully.

The secret is the teeth whitening gel, which safely removes discoloration and stains from the enamel.

The LED Plasma Light technology activates the whitening gel. This is done for 20 minutes, and repeated depending on the treatment of your choice.

The magical whitening gel! The LED Plasma Light technology used in our teeth whitening treatment is very effective, producing better and faster results compared to other teeth whitening methods. Brilliant Smile products have been thoroughly tested and proven to be 100% safe. The Smile Bar’s teeth whitening process is certified and completely safe for teeth and gums.

You will need to wear the special goggles to protect your eyes from the light. Looks cool, right!?

I was supposed to avail of the triple whitening as well but after the first session, I saw immediate results and asked the specialist if I could just have the double session instead 🙂

During the first 20 minutes session, there was no sensitivity whatsoever. On the second session, I felt a slight tingling sensation (and a bit hot). I notified the specialist and she told be that this is normal. She also wiped off some of the gel inside the white mouthtray and told me that the slight hot sensation was caused by some of the gel touching my gums. If you feel uncomfortable anytime during the sessions, you can inform the specialists right away 🙂

After my 2 sessions, they applied NanoSeal Total+ — “The NanoSeal Total+ is a liquid solution applied on your teeth after the whitening procedure. Using a small brush, this application only requires 1 minute of your time. The product will protect your teeth and enamel instantly. In just one hour, you are free from any eating, drinking, and smoking restrictions.”

As opposed to other whitening methods, the NanoSeal Total+ will allow you to eat and drink (or smoke) after just one hour! So, how long will your pearly whites last?

Your lifestyle and diet will determine the amount of time it takes for discoloration to take place on your teeth again. You can expect to maintain whiter teeth for 4-6 months after a treatment at The Smile Bar, provided that you practice good dental hygiene.

After just 2 sessions, I went from S22 to S14 !!! So, so happy with this procedure and The Smile Bar was super generous because I’m giving away THREE Single Whitening Session treatments to three of my readers! 🙂

This giveaway will be hosted on my Instagram Account — Link to the GIVEAWAY

For more information, visit thet FAQ’s page here.


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