Yamato Sample • Ikebukuro • Japan

Yes! I made this; so cute and so easy! Got to visit this place in Ikebukuro called Yamato Sample where we were taught the basics of food replica making — [address: 東京都豊島区上池袋4-21-12]

Went crazy with these adorable tiny fruits! We were allowed to pick 5 but I wanted 10, lol!

After careful deliberation, I picked these out.

Our main sensei ! He taught us how to make a cute little sundae; step-by-step ! I was a bit nervous that I might mess up but I was also super excited to try. First up was adding colour into your tiny cup — easiest step, lol!

After colouring, our sensei brought out THIS! Looks like a giant syringe but it’s actually used to add the silicone.

My focus level was at 100 :))

Now, time for the whip cream! I think I did pretty well for a first timer???

The most exciting part — decoration!!! I just randomly placed all the fruits. We were also given a clip for us to insert into the whip (for notes/photos)

Everyone seems happy with their masterpiece!

Here’s mineeee! 🙂

Photo with the other sensei’s Ito-san and Japanese Harry Potter-san (idk his name, sorry huhu)

You can also buy a lot of cute products there!

They wrapped up our masterpieces nicely and told us not to touch it for at least 24hrs. I was worried it will get ruined so I ended up hand-carrying the box! Overall a super fun experience! 🙂 Interested? You can inquire or book with JTB Philippines.

#OOTD shoot just outside the venue, hehe! Hope you enjoyed this post 🙂



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