Inspirations from Everyday Life by Zojirushi

Embracing tita-hood with this post but before you (not quite there yet/in-denial titas and titos) hit the close button — stop!!! There’s a Zojirushi product that’s suitable for everyone! I dropped by their store in Greenhills, Promenade and truthfully, I wasn’t expecting to find a lot of items that will pique my interest but boy was I wrong! Before anything else, here’s a short intro of the brand. PS: It’s a Japanese brand so that’s instantly +10 points for me since Japanese designs = simple, safe, and smart!

Zojirushi, the leading Japanese home and kitchen lifestyle brand which has been a partner of many households all over the world, is re-launching in the Philippines.

Designed with a simple yet powerful slogan in mind: Inspirations from Everyday Life, this global Japanese brand known for quality products since 1918, has established itself as a top manufacturer of vacuum bottles and has continued to leverage the latest technologies to create a constant stream of leading-edge products that make life more comfortable and convenient. Although much has changed and lifestyles have become more varied, this brand’s philosophy of “creating a quality of life” continues to be reflected in its products and services.

First thing I spotted upon entering the store were these adorable water tumblers and lunch boxes — and then it hit me; I USED TO HAVE THIS WHEN I WAS YOUNGER! I remember using it my entire time in grade school and all throughout high school, lol! It’s indestructible (I checked with my mom and yup! My pink lunchbox is still alive)! Love how they upgraded the design without losing it’s original aesthetic/identity.

One feature I was impressed about is that the products are made to make your life easier — everything is detachable for easy cleaning. Some tumblers even have side locks and a cap that doubles as a medicine case! A special stainless coating has been applied to these tumblers to protect them from corrosion, discoloration, and odor.  Time to say goodbye to those annoying sweat beads (moist) and accidentally burning your hand due to hot water inside.

Another one that made it to my faves list is the Rice Cooker.  It has different pre-set rice settings (White, Brown, Mixed, Porridge, Sweet, Sushi) plus the GABA brown rice setting (a type of amino acid that helps reduce stress, lower blood pressure, improve kidney functions). But wait, there’s more! It even has a timer setting! You can now wake up to freshly cooked, hot, steaming rice — it also has an ‘extended keep warm function’! I was super excited with this I forgot that I don’t even cook rice at home, lol. But I definitely have my eyes set on this one for the future!

Anyway, I won’t take up too much of your time by spazzing over each and every product. You can check it out at the store or on their website (www.zojirushi.com.ph )

They even have grillers!

And everyone’s fave… COFFEEEEEE!

Indeed, Zojirushi products are a promise to be inspirations for everyday life and its presence in the Philippine market is such a welcome treat for Filipino consumers.

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Zojirushi products are available in most leading department stores nationwide (SM Home, SM Appliance, Abenson, Robinsons Department Store, Rustan’s, The Landmark, Anson’s, and many more) with a showroom at the ground floor of Greenhills Promenade. For more information, please visit www.zojirushi.com.ph and follow Zojirushi Philippines on Facebook and Instagram.

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